Shared data 

What is and isn't shared across your workspace

Learn more about what's shared with members of your Attio workspace.

  • Records (people and companies): all records (plus their attributes) make up your shared database
  • Emails: each member can share their email content on an individual email message basis, or all correspondence. Members of the same workspace can request access to specific emails. Learn more about email sharing
  • Communication intelligence: communication insights like 'strongest connection' and 'last contacted' are visible to all collection members
  • Collections and views: collections can be shared with specific users, your entire workspace, or kept private. All views in a collection are shared with the same members. New collections you create are private until other members are added
  • Profile attributes: attribute data belonging to collections shared with you is also visible on all records
  • Comments and notes are visible to all workspace members
  • Dashboard view reports are shared with all workspace members
  • Correspondence with blocklisted domains and emails is not shared with your workspace. Learn more about blocklisting

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