Kanban views 

Kanban views are perfect for visualizing and moving records through the stages of your workflow.

A typical kanban view in Attio - cards representing people and companies are tracked through various stages
A typical list in Attio using a kanban view - in this example we're tracking sales leads

Using kanban views

Create a kanban view

There are two ways to create a kanban view:

1. When creating a new list choose Manual, followed by Companies or People. Under Start from scratch with a view choose Kanban

2. From an existing view Select + Create new in the view dropdown and select Kanban

Note: Kanban views require a status attribute to get started. This refers to the stages your cards will move through in a process e.g. Sales stage.

A new kanban view is being created, with fields defining the name of the view and the status attribute that will be tracked
All kanban views require you to set a status attribute to track

Hiding stages

Click a stage name followed by Hide stage to hide a stage in your view. You can also click View settings to re-order, hide, and add stages to your kanban view.

If you'd like to hide the No stage column from your kanban view, click View settings followed by Visible columns from the dropdown. Toggle No status to hide this column.

Bulk update stage for kanban cards

You can select multiple kanban cards in a view and move them from stage to stage. Hover over a card and check the box that appears in the top right corner to select it. You can also select a card, hold shift, scroll down, and select anoter card in the same stage to select all cards in between. You can then drag and drop selected cards to move them into a new stage simultaneously.

Several selected kanban cards are being simultaneously dragged into a new stage in a kanban view
Select and move multiple kanban cards at once with drag and drop

Confetti stages

Click on any stage name in a kanban view and toggle on Confetti - each time a card is moved to this stage a confetti canon will fire 🎉 - great for celebrating wins big and small.

View settings

Adapt your kanban to fit any part of your process or workflow. Add filters, change how things look, and narrow down your pipeline to focus on what's important. Click View settings in your kanban view to get started.

Display attributes

Attribute values can be viewed and edited directly on kanban cards. You can configure your kanban views to display certain attributes and hide others.

  • Open View settings on the top right of your kanban view
  • Click + Add card row
  • Select the attributes you would like to see
  • Reorder your attributes with the horizontal dots icon in View settings any time
  • Toggle attribute labels on or off with Show attribute label

Learn more about the different types of attributes you can create, and how to manage them.

Change kanban grouping

You can group your kanban view around any of the status type attributes in your list.

  • Open the View Settings menu on the top right of your kanban view
  • Select Grouped by to see a list of your status type attributes
  • Select a status attribute

Filter a kanban view

Filter down your entries to focus on what's important for the task at hand.

  • Select Filter, then select the attribute you would like to filter by
  • Choose a condition to apply to your filter (contains, is equal to, etc)
  • Choose a value
A dropdown shows various filters applied to a kanban view
Drill down and reveal new insights with filters and filter groups
  • You can add multiple filters at a time. Use the And/Or toggle as well as filter groups to change the way filters interact
  • Remove filters by clicking the ⋮ icon to the right followed by Remove block

Sort a kanban view

Change how your entries are sorted in your kanban view.

  • Select Sort, followed by an attribute
  • Choose either ↑Ascending or ↓Descending
  • Use + Add sort to add multi-level sorting
  • Remove sorting options with x and reorder with the horizontal dots icon
A dropdown shows the options available when sorting entries in a kanban view
Stack multiple level sorting preferences and display the most useful view at a glance

Track time in stage

You can also track how long a card stays in a stage by clicking on the stage name. Toggle Track time in stage on and set your target time - once this period has expired the counter in the bottom right corner of the card will turn red.

To sort by time in stage, select Sort, select the status attribute you're using, select Active from, then choose either ↑Ascending or ↓Descending.

Calculations in kanban views

You can perform a variety of instant calculations on numeric values in a kanban view. Attributes with non-numerical values support empty/filled calculations.

Use + Add calculation at the very bottom of a kanban stage to see your options.


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