Views allow you to see the same list data in different configurable ways. Easily switch between views and apply filters to get the most out of your list data.

Table views

Table views are like super customizable databases in Attio. You can track a list of records, with each of its attributes represented by a column. Learn more about setting up and customizing your table view.

A list in Attio showing a table view of company records and attributes
Tracking records in a list using a table view

Kanban views

Kanban views let you track records through the stages of a workflow or process. Records appear as cards in your kanban view, and you can move them through your pipeline with drag-and-drop. Learn more about configuring and customizing your kanban view.

A typical kanban view in Attio - cards representing people and companies are tracked through various stages
A typical list in Attio using a kanban view - in this example we're tracking sales leads

Create views

To create a new view:

  • Open the view dropdown beneath your list name or on an object page
  • Select + Create new at the bottom of the dropdown, or select the ⋮ icon next to a view and choose Duplicate to make a copy of it
  • If you are creating a new view, select the type of view you would like to create and give your view a name
  • Kanban views are only available in lists, and they require you to select a status attribute to track

Views you create will be visible to everyone who has access to the list. Learn more about list access.

The cursor hovers over a dropdown showing the options when creating a new view: table, kanban, and dashboard view.

Filtering views

Filters allow you to drill down your data and focus on a specific segment of your network. You can stack multiple filters too.

  • Click Filter at the top of your view
  • Select the attribute you want to filter by
  • Select the conditions for your filter (is, is not, contains, etc)
  • Select the appropriate value for your filter
  • Remove filters with the icon to the right
A dropdown shows various filters applied to a table view in Attio
Apply multiple filters and groupings to reveal new insights

If you find yourself applying the same filters regularly, consider keeping a dedicated view just for this subset of your network - you can revisit this filtered data set anytime.

Views are shared with everyone who has access to the list, so when you change a filter on a view, the change will be applied for everyone. It usually works best to create new views for different filtering goals, and give them descriptive names to match the data shown. You can also duplicate an existing view, rename it, and then change the filters if you want to avoid changing filters applied by someone else.

Filter groups

Combine and nest your filters by creating filter groups, and apply 'and/or' modifiers to your filter conditions.

To group filters, click on the icon to the right of a filter followed by Convert to group. You can then add more filters and toggle And/Or for advanced filtering.

An example filter group is shown where several conditions are combined and and/or logic is used to create a more advanced filter
Use filter groups and the and/or toggle for advanced filtering

Sort views

Sort your view in ascending or descending order based on any of your attributes:

  • Select Sort at the top of your view
  • Choose the attribute you would like to sort
  • Select either ↑Ascending or ↓Descending
A dropdown reveals the various ways a table can be sorted
Add multi-layer sorting to your table views to reveal insights at a glance

Manage views

Manage list views from the view dropdown on the top left of your current view. Reorder views by selecting a view and dragging it. The top view on the list will be the default landing page for the list.

Pin, rename, duplicate, and delete views with the icon. Pinned views are only visible to you.

The cursor is grabbing and dragging a view to reorder it in the view dropdown in a list.
Reorder, rename, pin, create, and delete views from the view dropdown

Calculations in views

You can add various instant calculations to table and kanban views in Attio. Scroll to the bottom of a column or stage and click + Add calculation to see your options.

Numerical attributes support calculations such as averages and sums, while non-numerical ones support calculations like percentage empty/filled.

A dropdown shows the various calculations available to apply to columns in a table view
Aggregate values and make calculations in seconds with + Add calculation


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