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Quick actions and shortcuts 

Become an Attio power-user with these commands, no mouse required.

Keyboard shortcuts

These keyboard shortcuts work anywhere in Attio:

Global shortcuts

  • Open search with cmd + k
  • Create a new note with n
  • Create a new task with t
  • Compose a new email with c

Find all of Attio's keyboard shortcuts by hitting the ? key anywhere in Attio and choosing Keyboard shortcuts.

Quick actions

Open the Quick Action menu using cmd/ctrl + k anywhere in Attio - you'll see the quick actions available - these will differ depending on where you are in the platform.

Attio's quick actions dialogue box is shown, accessed with the keyboard shortcut cmd + k. The options for quick actions change depending where you are in Attio, but for this example you can see create task, open personal settings, add company, add person, and add list entry.
Hit cmd/ctrl + k anywhere in Attio to bring up the quick action and search window

Table view shortcuts

Work within table views without needing to use your mouse:

  • Move across cells using the arrow keys
  • Edit a cell and save changes with the ⏎ Enter key
  • Scroll through attribute options using and ↑ keys


Notify your team members with mentions:

  • Mention a member using followed by their name in tasks, notes, and comments

Note formatting

Quickly format your notes with these commands:

  • Press + b for bold text
  • Press +for italic text
  • Press - + space for bullet points
  • Press 1. + space for numbered points
  • Press + space for Heading 1
  • Press ## + space for Heading 2
  • Press ### + space for Heading 3
  • Press + to undo
  • Press ⌘ + shift +to redo

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