Getting Started

Navigating your workspace 

Take a quick tour of your Attio workspace - you’ll know your way around in no time.

Using the sidebar

The sidebar is home to your NotificationsTasksNotes, Reports, Lists, and more.

The sidebar in Attio
  • Notifications is where you'll find notifications about comments you've been mentioned in, emails you've been granted access to, tasks you've been assigned, and more.
  • Tasks is where you'll see the status of any tasks assigned to you, as well as tasks you’ve assigned to others.
  • Notes is where you'll find all your team’s notes and note templates.
  • Emails holds your email drafts as well as email templates created by anyone in your workspace.
  • Reports allow you to create dashboards and highly customizable charts to visualize your lists and records data.
  • Under Records you will find Companies and People pages where you can find all company or person records in your workspace.
  • Lists are homes to your various workflows or projects.

Quick search

Searching in Attio is simple, intuitive, and fast. Search through your records and find everything you need in seconds.

You can bring up the search window with the cmd/ctrl + k shortcut anywhere in Attio, or click the search box at the top of your sidebar. Use the search window to quickly find anything from people and companies to calendar events and social media handles. You can search keywords like names, descriptions, and locations to see all relevant results.

Calendar events in search

If you have synced your email and calendar with Attio, you can see today's events in the quick search window, RSVP directly from Attio, and create a meeting note in seconds.

When you open quick search with cmd/ctrl + k you'll see today's appointments under Suggestions. You can RSVP or change your response directly from the quick search window.

Under Participants you'll see who's invited and their response via the colored circles beside their name; green (yes), purple (tentative), or red (no).

Close-up of the quick action window that appears when cmd + k is pressed anywhere in Attio. A sumamry of upcoming calendar events is shown, including attendees, your editable RSVP response, a link to the video call, and notes.
See a snapshot of your calendar events with cmd + k - edit your RSVP and create notes from here too

Create a note linked to your event by selecting an event and clicking Create note. Choose a record and create your note - you can find your new note on the record's page under the Notes tab.

Quick actions and keyboard shortcuts

Attio supports over 30 quick actions, which are keyboard shortcuts for commonly used actions. You can use the following keyboard shortcuts anywhere in Attio:

  • Open search with cmd + k
  • Create a new note with n
  • Create a new task with t
  • Compose a new email with c

Find all of Attio's keyboard shortcuts by hitting the ? key anywhere in Attio and choosing ⌘ Keyboard shortcuts.

Using cmd/ctrl + k also surfaces suggestions for Quick Actions, which will differ depending on where you are in the platform.

Attio's quick actions dialogue box is shown, accessed with the keyboard shortcut cmd + k. The options for quick actions change depending where you are in Attio, but for this example you can see create task, open personal settings, add company, add person, and add list entry.
Hit cmd/ctrl + k anywhere in Attio to bring up the quick action and search window

Switching workspaces

If you are a member of more than one Attio workspace, you can click your workspace name in the upper-left of your account, then click the name of another workspace to switch to that workspace.

Account and workspace settings

When you click your workspace name in the upper-left of your account you will find Account settings, and you’ll also see Workspace settings if you’re an admin.

In Account settings you can do things like update your profile picture, sync your email and calendar, and manage your notifications settings.

Within Workspace settings admins can do things like update the workspace name and logo, manage members and admins, see plans and billing information, and create record attributes.

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