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Tips & Tricks

Quick actions

Become an Attio power-user with these commands, no mouse required.

Keyboard shortcuts

These keyboard shortcuts work anywhere in Attio:

  • Open search by pressing cmd/ctrl + k
  • Use n to create a note
  • Use e to create an entry
  • Use t to create a task
  • Use c to compose a new email

Find all of Attio's shortcuts by typing ? or clicking the help menu in the bottom right of your workspace.

Quick actions

Open the Quick Action menu using cmd/ctrl + k anywhere in Attio - you'll see the quick actions available - these will differ depending on where you are in the platform.

Table view shortcuts

Work within table views without needing to use your mouse:

  • Move across cells using the arrow keys
  • Edit a cell and save changes with the ⏎ Enter key
  • Scroll through attribute options using and keys


Notify your team members with mentions:

  • Mention a member using @ followed by their name in tasks, notes, and comments

Note formatting

Quickly format your notes with these commands:

  • Press + b for bold text
  • Press + I for italic text
  • Press - + space for bullet points
  • Press 1. + space for numbered points
  • Press # + space for Heading 1
  • Press ## + space for Heading 2
  • Press ### + space for Heading 3
  • Press + z to undo
  • Press + shift + z to redo
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