Table views 

Table views allow you to manage your list records and attributes in a familiar spreadsheet style.

A typical table view in Attio, one of the ways to display your lists. Records are shown in a spreadsheet style, with each cell representing a different candidate in a hiring process.
Tracking records in a list using a table view

Create a table view

There are two ways to create a table view:

1. When creating a new list choose Manual, followed by Companies or People. Under Start from scratch with a view choose Table

2. From an existing view Select + Create new in the view dropdown and select Table

View settings

Organize and customize your table to focus on specific parts of your workflow.

Display attributes

Attributes are represented as columns in your table. Choose which attributes are shown in your table view.

  • Open View settings on the top right of your table view
  • Click + Add column
  • Select the custom or smart attributes you'd like to see
  • Reorder your attributes from View settings any time
  • You can also select + beside your final column to add a new column
  • To create a new attribute from a list of attribute types, select the + at the top right of the dropdown

Learn more about the different types of attributes you can create and how to manage them.

A dropdown menu shows a list of options - the options are the various attributes you can add as columns to your table view
Add attributes to your view to track the most useful data points

Rearrange and resize columns

Move, hide and sort your attribute columns to further customize your table view.

  • Click on the column name to see the dropdown
  • Choose ⭠ Move left or Move right ⭢ to rearrange columns
  • Select Hide attribute to hide an attribute from your view
  • To resize columns, hover over the edge of the name cell and drag left or right

Filter a table view

Filter your records to see only what's important for the task at hand.

  • Select Filter and choose the attribute you would like to filter by
  • Choose the condition applied to your filter (contains, is equal to, etc.)
  • Choose the value of the attribute to filter by
  • Create filter groups to change how your filters interact
A dropdown shows various filters applied to a table view in Attio
Apply multiple filters and groupings to reveal new insights

Sort a table view

Change how your records are sorted in your table view.

  • Select Sorted by
  • Select your chosen attribute
  • Then select either ↑Ascending or ↓Descending
A dropdown reveals the various ways a table can be sorted
Add multi-layer sorting to your table views to reveal insights at a glance

Calculations in table views

You can also perform a variety of instant calculations on numeric values in a table view. Columns with non-numerical values support empty/filled calculations.

Use + Add calculation at the very bottom of a column to see your options.

A dropdown shows the various calculations available to apply to columns in a table view
Aggregate values and make calculations in seconds with + Add calculation


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