List access 

List access determines what members can see and do in your list.

Managing list access

In the top right corner of your list, click the + icon to open the access window. If you are a workspace admin or have Full access, you can use the dropdown to make changes to list access. If you aren't an admin and don't have Full access, you will not be able to make changes to list access settings, but you can see who does have Full access and reach out to them about any changes that need to be made (or to request that they give you Full access).

Keep in mind that the options you have for customizing access will depend on your Attio plan. Managing list access is not available on the Free plan. Learn more about the different plans available.

List access levels

These are the access levels for lists:

Full access members can change the name/icon of the list, create/update/delete attributes, manage attribute options, add and import records, export the list, and delete the list. They can also manage list access.

Read and write members can create/update/delete entries and views, add and import records, view list data, export the list, and add comments.

Read only members can only view list data, export the list, and add comments.

No access means the list and its content are not visible.

Workspace access to lists

By default, new lists created from scratch (without a template) are visible to the person who created the list (as well as admins in Workspace settings), and all other workspace members will have No access. For new lists created using templates, workspace access will be set to Read and write by default, and the creator and admins will have Full access.

Note: there is an exception to this for Free plan users, for whom managing list access is not available, and all workspace members have Full access to all lists.

Full access members and admins are able to configure list access at the workspace level, meaning the setting will apply to all members of your workspace (unless overridden by individual settings). To manage workspace access for a list, click the + icon in the top right corner of your list.

Select the dropdown next to Workspace access and designate the access level your workspace should have.

The dropdown in a list where workspace access is managed
Manage workspace access from the + icon in your list

Individual access to lists

In addition to setting a default access level for their workspace, Pro and Enterprise plan members can also set differing levels of access for individuals.

When you want different members to have different levels of access to a list, you should set the Workspace access level at the lowest level that any members of your workspace should have. Then add any members individually who should have higher levels of access, using the dropdown beside their names to raise their access level. When workspace access and individual access settings are different, the member will be given whichever access level is greater.

The dropdown in a list where access is managed - various names are listed with their respective access levels
Manage individual access from the + icon in your list

Admin access to lists

Admins will automatically have full access to view and update all lists they have been given any level of access to from their sidebar. Within Workspace settings, admins are also able to see all lists that exist in a workspace (even where they have been given no access), can adjust access settings for all lists, and can manage attributes for all lists. Within Workspace settings, admins can also add themselves to any list to view the full list and make any changes to the list.

Manage lists in Workspace settings

To see all lists in your workspace as an admin, first click your workspace name in the upper-left and choose Workspace settings from the dropdown. Scroll down in the sidebar on the left, and you'll find all active lists in your workspace under Lists.

Click on a list name to open List settings for that list. You can manage attributes under the Attributes tab, and you can change list access settings under the Permissions tab.


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