Email syncing 

Sync your Google or Microsoft email account with Attio, and unlock powerful insights from your network.

Syncing a new account

  • From the dropdown beside your workspace name, locate your Personal Settings
  • Select the Email & Calendar tab on the left
  • Click Connect Account with the appropriate provider (Google or Microsoft)
  • Authorize Attio to access and sync your email. Learn more about syncing your email account
  • You can choose to also sync your calendar at the same time. Learn more about syncing your calendar
  • All emails will be synced (unless permanently deleted from your synced mailbox)

Learn more about what happens when you sync your email and calendar with Attio.

Email sharing settings

Once you've connected your email account, you can choose between two default sharing levels for email correspondence - Metadata only and Subject line and metadata.

  • From Personal settings, click Email and calendar and select your email account
  • Metadata Only only shares email participants and timestamps with members of your workspace
  • Subject line and metadata shares participants, timestamps, and subject lines with members of your workspace
  • Both sharing settings exclude email body content and attachments. To see these, members must be granted access
Screenshot shows the options users have when sharing their emails with their workspace.
Set sharing preferences for your email correspondence in Attio

Sharing emails

Share email body content with other members of your workspace. You can opt to share a single email with your entire team or just one person. Additionally, you can make all correspondence with a certain record available to everyone or an individual.

Granting access to a single email

  • Open the email you would like to share
  • Select Manage access in the top right of the email window
  • Select Workspace access or the specific members who need access

Grant access to a specific record's emails

Share a record's email correspondence with everyone in your workspace, or just specific members.

  • Head to the Email tab of a the record profile
  • Select Manage access in the top right of the tab
  • From the Workspace Access dropdown, select Access to give access to everyone in your team
  • Alternatively, search and select specific members to grant individual access
  • You can change workspace and individual access at any time from Manage access

Accepting access requests

Workspace members can request access to specific emails.

  • Head to the Activity tab in your sidebar
  • Click Requests to see pending access requests
  • Select either Accept or Deny
  • Access will only be given to the member who requested it

Requesting access to emails

You can directly request access to emails in your workspace. Under a record's Email tab, click Request Access on the email you'd like to view. The email owner will receive a notification and can approve or deny access. If your request is approved, the email content will be visible to you immediately.

Blocklisting emails and domains

Emails from blocklisted domains and email addresses will not appear in Attio.

  • Head to your Personal Settings and click Email and Calendar
  • Select your email account
  • Type in any domains or email accounts you'd like to blocklist in the Blocklist field
  • Other members of your workspace can still access their own correspondence with email accounts and domains you blocklist, but yours will not appear in Attio

Removing synced accounts

  • Select the email account you'd like to remove from your workspace
  • Click Remove Account
  • All email correspondence will be removed from your workspace

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