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Using collection templates

Collection templates

Choose from Attio's pre-made templates covering a variety of popular use cases - a great starting point for your collections.

Browse the template gallery by use case (sales, recruiting, HR, etc) or by goals (lead tracking, hiring freelancers, launching a PR campaign, etc).

Attio's template gallery - filter your options by use case or goal type

Once you've chosen a template, you can begin customizing your collection and adding/importing records. To delete sample attributes and add your own, click View settings in the top right of your collection. Learn more about attributes.

Templates also include ready-made sample views such as relevant kanbans and tables. Click on the view dropdown to access and manage your views. Learn more about views.

Templates include ready-made views to help you get started with your collection

Templates are a great starting point for your collection - check out our guide on building a collection for customizing and managing your collections in Attio.

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