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Email syncing

Attio's powerful email and calendar integrations provide the whole team with full visibility of communication with third parties - facilitating better prospect, contact, and client management.

Syncing a new account

  • Go to your Personal Settings page
  • Select the Email & Calendar tab on the left
  • Click Connect Account with the appropriate provider
  • You will then be taken through the provider authorization flow, granting Attio access to sync with your email and calendar
  • Read more about our calendar syncing features

Email sharing settings

  • Once you've connected your email account, you can choose between two different sharing levels
  • Select the synced email you would like to update then select Mail
  • Metadata Only shares only the participants and timestamp of each email with your workspace
  • Subject line and metadata shares metadata and subject lines with your Workspace
  • Both default sharing levels exclude the content of your emails

Removing synced accounts

  • Select the email you would like to remove from your workspace
  • Click Remove Account
  • All email correspondence will be removed from your workspace

Blacklisting emails and domains

  • Select the email inbox you would like to blacklist correspondence from
  • Enter any domains or specific email accounts you would like blacklisted from Attio in the Blacklist section
  • Domains and emails are blacklisted per inbox and not workspace wide

Sharing emails

There are three different ways to share full email content with your team.

Granting access to a single email

  • Open the email you would like to share
  • Select Manage Access in the top left of the email modal
  • Select Workspace Access or the exact members who need access

Granting access to all emails with a contact

  1. Go to the email tab of the relevant contact page
  2. Select Manage Access in the top right of the tab
  3. Select Workspace access or the exact members who need access

Accepting an access request in notifications

  • Go to Activity on your navigation panel
  • Move to the Requests tab
  • Select Accept or Deny to email requests from your team members
  • Accepted requests will grant access only to the requester

Requesting access to emails

  • Under a contacts email tab, Click Request Access on the email you'd like to view
  • The team member who owns the email will receive a notification of your request and be able to approve or deny access
  • If your request is approved, the email content will be visible to you immediately

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