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How to build a collection

How to build a collection

To create a new collection, click the + icon next to Collections in the sidebar. Browse from Attio’s gallery of ready-made templates, or start from scratch with a blank view.

By default, your new collection is private. To start collaborating with your team, you'll need to add users with the + icon in the top right corner. When you invite others to share your collection, you can also set the level of access they'll have.

Your new collection won't have any entries in it yet, so you'll want to add some. You can add entries by:

  1. Clicking Add an entry or simply hitting e. From there, you can type in a name of a company or person to add an entry.
  2. Clicking Companies or People in the sidebar. This will show you either all of the companies or all of the people in your workspace. From here, you can filter your network by clicking Filter to refine your results. Select the records you’d like and click Add to collection at the bottom of the window.
  3. Importing a database from a CSV file. Click Import people or Import companies at the top right screen in your collection.

From there, you can start adding attributes to your entries. An example attribute might be a record’s location, where they work, or how often they reply to your emails.

Add attributes to your view to track the most useful data points

You can now start adding views and using filters to drill down and see your network in a whole new light.

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