Import data into Attio 

You can easily import data into your Attio list from other apps. All you need is a .csv file containing your data - a super common export option you'll find in most platforms.

Note: Attio also offers a migration service to help you import your data if you're coming from another CRM. Learn more about migrating data from another CRM.

Prep your data

In order to prepare your CSV file for a successful import, consider the following.

  • First, note that you will only be able to import people into people lists and companies into companies lists. If your CSV file contains both people and companies, you'll need to create CSVs for each and import them separately into separate lists.
  • To avoid creating duplicate records in your workspace, and to ensure Attio can enrich your records, make sure your CSV contains email address values for people, or domain values for companies.
  • First and last names are captured in a single field in imports. If you have these in two columns in your CSV, you’ll need to merge them into one before importing.
  • You won't be able to import a "Company" column for a list of people. Instead, you'll need to import a file of companies separately into a companies list to create them. People records will automatically be linked to companies when a person's email domain matches an existing company record's domain.
  • It's not currently possible to import into the built-in Phone number, Job title, Categories, State, or Foundation date attributes. These will be added to the importer in the future. In the meantime, you can create your own attributes and import into those. Then, you can surface the attribute you created and the built-in attribute in a table view and bulk copy and paste the values from your custom attribute into the built-in attribute. For phone numbers, make sure you include a country code: ([country code][subscriber number including area code]).
  • Dates need to be imported in YYYY-MM-DD format.

Importing in Attio

Members with Full access or Read and write access to a list can import records into it. Learn more about list access.

Follow these steps to start an import:

  • In any Attio list (not People or Companies pages), click Import / Export on the top right corner
  • Select Import people or Import companies. You can import people into people lists, and companies into companies lists. You can confirm whether it's a companies or people list in the top left next to the list name.
  • Select a prepared .csv file from your computer or drag and drop it onto the import window. See the Prep your data section to understand what can be imported and the required formatting.

Note: It's not possible to import directly from Companies or People in the sidebar; only from the list you'd like to import into. You will, however, find your newly imported records in Companies or People once you've imported them into a list.
In addition, it is not yet possible to import records into custom objects or the Deals object, which are currently in beta. Learn more about objects.
Dropdown menu in a list of companies showing options to export the view or import companies from a CSV
Import records into a list

Mapping attributes

After importing your file, you will see the columns from your CSV file on the left, and the attributes in Attio that you want to map them to on the right.

Attio will automatically recognize and map attributes where possible. On the right side under Attributes, select the attribute in Attio you want to map the data to from the corresponding column, or create a new attribute if it doesn't exist yet. If you're not finding an attribute you expect to see, check the Prep your data section for information on attributes that can't be imported.

Creating new attributes

If a corresponding attribute doesn't exist yet, you can create new attributes to match the columns in your data

  • Use the + icon in the attribute dropdown.
  • Select the type of attribute you would like to create (multi-select, user, status, etc.). Keep in mind that if you want to use an attribute's statuses as cards in a kanban view, it must be a status type attribute.
  • Select Continue once your columns are matched with new or existing attributes.
  • You can skip any columns you don't want to import.

Resolving issues

  • If you're importing data with new attributes (or new values in an existing attribute), you'll be prompted to map each value.
  • Each column in your CSV without corresponding values will be flagged. Select any flagged attribute to resolve it.
  • Select the x beside each invalid value to enter and create the correct value.
  • Select Confirm column when you're done.
  • Repeat this process for each highlighted column.
  • Select Continue when all columns are confirmed.

Start your import

Once you have resolved any issues and clicked Continue, Attio will check for any records in your import that match existing records in your list. If there are any records in your CSV file that match records in your list, Attio will ask you to confirm whether you want to update existing data, add the records to your list again, or choose not to import the existing records.

Select the option you prefer, then click Start import to add your data to the list.

Window showing options to update, create new, or don't import records already existing, and option to start import
Confirm whether existing records will be updated, created again, or ignored, and start the import

While your import is in progress, rows and attributes will populate in realtime. Feel free to use Attio as you would normally, and the import will continue in the background.

The importer tool brings in all the columns you mapped to attributes, but you’ll only see the attributes displayed in the view you are looking at. You can add additional attributes to your view using View settings.

Once your import is finished, if you have synced your email, Attio will also automatically populate your records with communication intelligence attributes (such as 'Last interaction' and 'Connection strength'). If you have included email addresses for people or domains for companies, Attio will also add enriched data (like social media handles, industry type, estimated ARR etc) to your records whenever it is available.


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