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Import data into Attio

Many of our users come to Attio with a lot of data to import from previously used apps. You can easily organize your data into collections using CSV files.

To map to existing Contacts one of the following fields is required:

  • Contact ID or Entry ID both automatically exported with any view
  • Email Address for people contacts
  • Domain for company contacts

How to import

  • In a view, click Import / Export on the top right corner of your view
  • Select Import people or Import companies
  • Select a file or drag and drop the .csv file you'd like to import

Map to existing attributes

  • After importing your file, you will be asked to select corresponding attributes for each column
  • Select from the list of existing collection attributes to map your data

Create new attributes

If a corresponding attribute does not previously exist, you can create new attributes while importing to match the columns in your file.

  • Select + in the top right of the attribute menu.
  • Select the type of attribute you would like to create (multi-select, user, status, etc.)
  • Select Continue once all desired columns are mapped with new or existing attributes
  • Note: you can also skip any columns you do not want imported

Reconciliation review

  • If you are importing data with new attributes or new values in an existing attribute, you will be asked to map each value
  • Each CSV column without complete corresponding values will be flagged. Select any flagged attribute to move on to configuration
  • Select the x  to the right of each Invalid Value to enter and create the correct value
  • Select Confirm column when done
  • Repeat this process for each highlighted column
  • Select Continue when all columns are confirmed

Start your import

  • Attio will confirm the number of collection entries that will be updated or created
  • If there is an existing entry for a contact in the CSV file, Attio will ask you to confirm if the import is meant to update existing data or create a new separate entry
  • Once you have confirmed the above, you can select Start import to add your data to the collection

Things to keep in mind

  • Rows without a unique identifier (domain, email or ID) will be created as new contacts
  • Dates must be imported in YYYY-MM-DD format. Update date data within your CSV file before importing
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