Stay on top of things and collaborate with your team by creating, assigning, and tracking tasks.

Creating tasks

  • Use the keyboard shortcut anywhere in the platform to open the task window
  • Open search with cmd/ctrl + k  then select Create task from the list of quick actions

Task content:

  • Type @ followed by a record name to tie the task to a record
  • Type @ followed by a Members name to assign the task
  • Use natural language to set due dates when creating reminders such as 'call Tuesday at 7pm', 'follow up next week' or 'check-in in September'

Note: Notifications regarding task assignments and a daily reminder of tasks due can be configured in notification settings.

The tasks page

The Tasks window in your sidebar hosts all tasks from across your workspace. Switch between My Tasks or All Tasks in the top right of the page to see tasks assigned to you, or tasks you've assigned to others. See completed tasks for an overview of what's been done, and edit tasks to update assignees, due dates, or any other content.

Tasks on record pages

Each of your records also has a dedicated Tasks tab on their page - you can manage and create new tasks here too.

The Tasks tab on an example record page showing the various tasks linked to this particular record with checkboxes beside each one. This window shows active and completed tasks with dates, assignees, and other useful insights.
Manage and create tasks that involve your record from the Tasks tab


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