Easily create, edit, and share notes in real-time with your team on record pages. You can also create customizable note templates to use again and again.

Creating notes

The quickest way to create a note is by hitting the n key anywhere in Attio. Alternatively, you can create a note in the Notes tab of any record page by selecting Create Note. Or, you can click Notes in the sidebar and find the Create note button in the upper-right.

You can pin your notes to the bottom of your screen with the icon in the top right of the note editor.

Want to reference a calendar event in your note? Click Add event beneath the note title. You'll find all your notes in the sidebar under Notes.

The note editor in Attio - the cursor is hovering over the option to link the note a calendar event.
Click Add event in a note to connect a past or future calendar event

Formatting notes

You can easily customize and format your notes and note templates from the note editor. Quickly format your notes with these commands:

  • Press + b for bold text
  • Press +for italic text
  • Press - + space for bullet points
  • Press 1. + space for numbered points
  • Press + space for Heading 1
  • Press ## + space for Heading 2
  • Press ### + space for Heading 3
  • Press + to undo
  • Press ⌘ + shift +to redo

You can also use the / key to choose from different block types (headings, bullets, numbered lists), or highlight your text to see all formatting options.

Collaborating on notes

You'll see who else is currently viewing the same note as you when their active avatar appears - all note updates are real-time. You can tag members of your workspace in a note using followed by their name. Type @ followed by a record name to add a quick link to their profile.

Deleting notes

To delete a note, open it and select the ⋮ icon in the lower-right corner of the note. Then select Delete note... and confirm you'd like to permanently delete the note.

Overlayed window showing meeting action points with a menu open in the lower-right showing a delete option

Note templates

Note templates let you save useful note structures and styles you commonly use, and apply them to new notes. These can be super useful for recurring meetings, sales calls, interviews, and more.

Creating note templates

There are three ways to create a new note template in Attio:

1. Press cmd/ctrl + k to open the quick action window. Search for and select Note template. Select Create new template.

2. Hit the n key to create a new note from anywhere in Attio, or choose Create note from the Notes tab on a record page. You'll see a prompt to start with a template - click this and select the + in the top right to create a new blank template.

3. You can also create templates from existing notes you've made. Locate the existing note you'd like to base your template on and click the ⋮ icon in the bottom right corner of the note editor. Choose Create template from note.

Using note templates

Create a new note with any of your custom templates applied.

  • Create a new note with the n key or by choosing Create note from the Notes tab on a record page
  • Choose from the dropdown labelled start with a template or pick from recently used templates below it

Once created, members of your workspace can view and use your note templates. Changes to your new note won't affect the note template itself.

Editing note templates

You can edit or delete an existing note template from the quick action menu:

  • Press cmd/ctrl + k to open the quick action menu
  • Search for and select Note templates
  • Select the template you would like to edit. To rename a note template, select the title text at the top and you can edit it. Any changes you make to the template will be automatically saved in real-time.
  • To delete a template, select the ⋮ icon in the top right corner of the page, then select Delete template


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