Sharing and collaborating 

Whether you're working alone or with a team, Attio is built to bring clarity to your workflow and your network.

With real-time updates, shared networks, and @mentions throughout the platform - Attio makes collaboration easy.

Real-time collaboration

Several members of your team can view and edit content at the same time. You'll know who's viewing what you're viewing (their avatar will appear in the corner). In table views and notes, you'll be able to see where another member's cursor is too. All changes are updated in real-time, so you'll always be looking at the latest version.

Mentions and notifications

Assign tasks, start conversations, and @mention teammates to pull their attention to the right place. You can @mention members of your team in notes, tasks, and comments - they'll receive a notification in the sidebar. Hit the @ key and start typing their name to get started.

In-app notifications are found in the Activity menu in the sidebar, and you can respond directly from here. You can also opt in for email notifications in your Account settings.


Start a discussion, provide updates, or leave short comments on collection entries. Hover over an entry cell or kanban card and click the speech bubble icon to compose and view comments.

A close-up of a comment being made on an entry in an Attio collection
Use @mentioning in comments and notes in Attio for real-time collaboration

You can @mention other members of your team in a comment - they'll receive a notification in their Activity tab. You can also @mention people or companies in your network to create quick links to their records - they won't be notified.

In a table view, the top right corner of an entry cell will turn blue when comments are added.

Sharing with your team

You can invite your team to your workspace as either workspace admins or members - what they can see and do will depend on their level of access. Learn more about workspace access.

Sharing collections

A collection is a home for a specific workflow or project. Collections can be shared with your workspace, or certain members of your team. Learn more about collection access.

Email sharing

When you sync your inbox with Attio, your emails are brought into your workspace, organized by record. You can always view your own emails, but they won't be shared with other members by default.

  • Set your default sharing settings to include the subject line of your emails or keep them hidden
  • Blocklist any domains or email accounts from syncing
  • Share all emails with any given record with all members of your workspace, or just those that need it
  • Alternatively, you can share specific emails
  • You can also request access to other members' emails. They'll be notified, and have the option to accept or deny your request

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