Cloud storage 

Sync your records in Attio with files and folders stored in the cloud. Attio currently supports Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and OneDrive.

Syncing your cloud storage

  • Click on your workspace name - from the dropdown choose Account Settings
  • Choose your cloud storage provider and grant Attio access
  • Once connected, click the ▾ icon to sync a specific drive or site
The settings window where third party cloud storage can be linked to your Attio account
Link your Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, or OneDrive account

Add synced folders to records

  • Head to the Files tab of the record you'd like to add synced files to
  • Click the icon and select your storage provider from the dropdown
  • Linked folders are only visible to you plus those with access in Dropbox/Drive etc (once they've synced their accounts with Attio). Linked folders are not visible to anyone else in your workspace
  • Click the icon beside files to download, rename, or delete them
  • Removing access via the Storage Accounts tab in your Account Settings will remove linked files and folders from records
  • You can also click the icon beside linked folders and choose Disconnect to remove them
A dropdown menu on a record page for linking cloud storage folders to a record
Link multiple cloud storage folders to a record

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