Cloud storage 

Sync your records in Attio with files and folders stored in the cloud. Attio currently supports Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and OneDrive.

A cursor hovers over the dropdown option to link a Google Drive folder to a record. Another option is shown to link a Dropbox folder. Beneath the dropdown is a folder structure with both Google Drive and Dropbox logos on the various folder icons.
Access file stored in the cloud using the Files tab on a record page

Syncing your cloud storage

  • Click on your workspace name - from the dropdown choose Personal Settings
  • Choose your cloud storage provider and grant Attio access
  • Once connected, click the ▾ icon to sync a specific drive or site

Add synced folders to records

  • Head to the Files tab of the record you'd like to add synced files to
  • Select Link folder to pick a specific folder from your cloud storage provider
  • Linked folders are only visible to you plus those with access in Dropbox/Drive etc (once they've synced their accounts with Attio). Linked folders are not visible to anyone else in your workspace
  • Click the icon beside files to download, rename, or delete them
  • Removing access via the Storage Accounts tab in your Personal Settings will remove linked files and folders from records
  • You can also click the icon beside linked folders and choose Disconnect to remove them

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