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Easily create, edit, and share notes in real-time with your team on Company and Contact record pages.

Creating notes

  • The quickest way to create a note is by pressing the n key anywhere in your workspace
  • Alternatively, create a note in the notes tab of any record page by selecting Create Note
  • Pin your note to the bottom of your screen and navigate around your workspace

Collaborating on notes

  • View which members are currently working inside the same note with user avatars
  • Work together seamlessly with real-time updates across your screens
  • Mention members of your workspace using @ followed by their name
  • Type @ followed by a contact name to link records inside your note

Note templates

Note templates let you replicate a note structure that you commonly use to speed up note taking for sales calls, weekly meetings, and much more.

Create a few useful templates, then easily apply them to new notes going forward.

Creating note templates

There are two ways to create a new note template:

  • Press cmd/ctrl + k to open the quick action menu
  • Search for and select Note template
  • Select Create new template

You can also create new templates from new notes:

  • Press your n key to create a new note from any page in Attio
  • If you have no other templates created, you'll be prompted to create a template in the body of the note
  • Otherwise, you'll see a prompt to start with a template and a list of your existing templates. Select the + in the top right of the list to create a new template

Configuring note templates

  • You'll see a banner at the top of the modal when editing a new or existing template
  • Configure your template with content to fit your workflow including a standard title, headers, and formatting. Your changes will be saved in real-time
  • The same content will be pre-filled on each note created with the template going forward

Using note templates

  • Create a new note from anywhere in your Attio workspace
  • Apply a template from the list that appears in your note.
  • Once applied, you can make one-off changes to the title or templated content that appears in your note and add additional content

Editing note templates

You can edit or delete an existing note template from the quick action menu:

  • Press cmd/ctrl + k to open the quick action menu
  • Search for and select Note templates
  • Select the template you would like to edit. Any changes you make will be saved in real-time
  • To delete a template, select the icon in the top right corner of the page, then select Delete template
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