Support access requests 

What is a support access request?

A support access request is used to grant our support agents temporary access to your Attio workspace to resolve an issue or technical problem. Requests can be approved or denied by workspace admins.

When does a support access request occur? Can I initiate one myself?

Most support issues can be quickly resolved via chat or email, but sometimes further investigation is needed. Our team will discuss the process with you before requesting access, usually once a chat or email support issue is escalated. Support access requests are always initiated by our support agents, rather than by Attio users.

How do I approve a support access request?

If you are a workspace admin, you can approve or deny support requests. In the sidebar, click on the dropdown beside your workspace name and choose Workspace settings. From the left-hand menu, click Support Requests. Here you’ll see new requests with their current status, as well as a history of any prior ones. Select Accept or Deny as appropriate.

The Support Requests section of Attio's Workspace settings. In this example, a request to remotely access the account is pending, with an Accept and Deny button beside it.
Support access requests can be approved/denied in Workspace settings

What access does a support request grant? Is my data secure?

Once accepted, a support request temporarily grants the support agent full admin access to your workspace. All Attio Administrators undergo background checks and are routinely trained on security practices. Access is also audited independently by a third party as part of our compliance program to ensure your data is secure.

How long will you have access to my workspace?

Support access is usually limited to three days, but this will be discussed with you before the request is made.

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