Sharing emails 

Share email body content with other members of your workspace. You can opt to share a single email with your entire team or just one person. Additionally, you can make all your correspondence with a certain record available to everyone or individuals (dependent on your plan).

Default email visibility

Other members of your workspace will be able to see metadata of your emails on record pages. You can choose whether or not you want subject lines of your emails to be visible to other members of your workspace by configuring your email sharing settings.

However, by default the bodies of your emails will be hidden from other members of your workspace unless you choose to manually share them by granting others access.

Granting access to a single email

  • Open the email you would like to share (you must be a participant on the email)
  • Select Manage access in the top right of the email window
  • Select Workspace access or search for and add the specific member(s) who need access

Granting access to a specific record's emails

On our Pro and Enterprise plans, you can share all of your email correspondence with a specific record with everyone in your workspace, or just certain members:

  • Head to the Email tab of a record page
  • Select Manage access in the top right of the tab
  • From the Workspace Access dropdown, select Access to give access to everyone in your team
  • Alternatively, search and select the specific member(s) to grant individual access
  • You can change workspace and individual access at any time from Manage access

Note that this only shares your own email correspondence with the record. If you want everyone's email correspondence with a given record to be shared, each person who has corresponded with the record would need to follow the above steps to share their emails.

Requesting access to emails

You can directly request access to emails in your workspace. Under a record page's Email tab, click Request access on the email you'd like to view. The email owner will receive a notification and can approve or deny access. If your request is approved, the email content will be visible to you immediately.

Note: Requesting access to emails is not included on our Free plan.

Accepting access requests

When someone has requested access to an email of yours, you can accept or deny their request. From the Activity tab in your sidebar, click Requests to see pending access requests. Select either Accept or Deny, and access will only be given to the member who requested it.

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