Send emails in Attio 

You can send emails to your person records directly from Attio - no need to leave the platform.

Composing emails

Use the keyboard shortcut c from anywhere within Attio to bring up the Compose email window.

If you haven't already synced your email and granted email sending permissions, you'll be prompted to do so.

  • Quickly locate records with recipient search suggestions
  • CC or BCC additional recipients
  • Format your email by highlighting body text with click and drag
  • Compose an email from scratch, or use a template if you've created one
  • Compose email can also be found in quick actions, as well as under the Email tab of record pages
  • You’ll find your sent emails under the Emails tab in your recipient’s record
  • If you've synced multiple email accounts, you can toggle your sender address by clicking your name

Note: Adding attachments to emails is not currently available.

Email templates

If you find yourself using the same format for outgoing emails, it might be helpful to create an email template. Click Email... followed by Email templates in the sidebar to view, edit, and create email templates.

Click the + Create template button in the top right corner to create a new template. Save your new template by clicking out of the editor window. To use a template, hit the key to compose a new email message, and choose start with a template.

Note: everyone in your workspace can view, use, and edit your email templates.

Mass sending

Mass sending in Attio lets you send emails to a list of recipients, with each email being sent separately. You also have the option to personalize certain aspects of your message.

Enable mass sending with the Mass send toggle at the bottom of the email composer. You can add up to 50 recipients to the Recipient list - start typing their name where it says Add more recipients and choose from the dropdown that appears.

You can also create a recipient list by selecting records in the People tab of the sidebar. Click in the checkboxes beside record names to select them, and hit Send email at the bottom of the window. You can also use Filter to refine your list.

Using variables

Once mass sending is enabled, you can use variables in your email copy. Variables let you personalize parts of your email message, while the rest of the content remains the same for all recipients.

Hit the { key in the email composer to bring up a list of available variables.

When you use variables in your email, Attio inserts data stored in the record for the person or company you're sending to. You can also set fallback copy should that data not exist. To add a fallback, click on the variable to bring up the fallback editor.

In the example below, we've used variables for the recipient's first name and location. We've also added fallback copy (without this, the variable content could appear blank).

The email composer in Attio, showing an example message containing variables. The variables have been used to personalize the recipient name and their location. Fallback copy has also been set should the location data not be available.
Using variables in the email composer to personalize certain parts of the message

Using variables in the email composer to personalize certain parts of the message

Once variables have been used in your email message, clicking Review emails and selecting members of your Recipient list will preview the content.

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