Email forwarding 

Attio's powerful email syncing lets you track email conversations and link them to your records, while controlling who sees what.

If you decide to opt out of email syncing however, email forwarding offers an alternative.

You can forward individual emails from the email address associated with your Attio user account to your workspace's inbound email address, and records will be created for everyone in the email thread. Email messages will also appear in record pages under the Email tab.

Finding your inbound email address

  • Click on your workspace name to reveal the dropdown and choose Account Settings
  • Head to Email and Calendar to find your inbound email address under Connected Accounts
  • The address will be your workspace name followed by ''
  • Manage your email sharing settings
The Email and Calendar tab in Attio's Personal settings window, showing where to find your inbound email address for email forwarding.
You'll find your inbound email address for email forwarding in Personal Settings

Sharing settings and blocklisting

  • Once you've found your inbound email address, you can choose between three different sharing levels
  • Click your inbound email address and choose Mail to set your default sharing settings
  • Choose from Metadata only, Subject line and metadata, or Full Access
  • Blocklist specific domains or email addresses to prevent Attio from showing correspondence
  • Learn more about blocklisting in Attio

Forwarding emails

  • Forward or BCC emails to your inbound address using your usual email client (Gmail, Outlook, iCloud Mail, etc)
  • Records will be created for all of the email participants (people and companies)
  • Email messages and attachments will be accessible from the Email tab of the record profile
  • Your sharing settings determine what members of your workspace can see

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