Billing and payments 

If you're a workspace admin, you can manage payment and plan details for your Attio workspace.

Billing basics

Each Attio workspace is billed separately - you'll be billed according to the number of seats in your workspace. If you belong to multiple workspaces, your seat will be counted and charged separately for each one.

Billing intervals are either monthly or annual, and set per workspace. You'll always be billed at the start of your billing interval.

Add and remove seats

Your workspace is billed per seat - if you've purchased 10 seats, you can have up to 10 active members (or active invites) in your workspace at once. You can suspend and swap the members that occupy each seat at any time.

Workspace admins can add and remove seats. First, click on your workspace name, select Workspace settings from the dropdown, then Billing in the sidebar. Under Seats, you'll see your current seat limit and usage.

Click Manage members to edit or suspend individual member access from the dropdowns. Click Manage seats to make changes to your seat count and calculate any changes to your billing amount.

Updating payment method and billing contact

Workspace admins can update your payment method and billing contact details.

First, click on your workspace name, select Workspace settings from the dropdown, then Billing in the sidebar.

Under Billing Details, you can update the following:

  • Payment Method
  • Billing Email (where we send invoices)
  • Address
  • VAT Number
The Billing tab in Attio's Workspace settings
Admins can manage and update billing details

Downloading invoices

Workspace admins can view and download historical invoices as PDFs from Invoices within Workspace settings at the bottom of the Billing tab.

Managing your plan

Workspace admins can view and manage plan details.

Head to Workspace settings. Next choose Plans. Your workspace will be on either the Free, Plus, Pro, or Enterprise plan and billed either monthly or annually. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan from here at any time.

Upgrades are billed pro-rata immediately, while a downgrade takes effect on your next renewal.

Canceling your subscription

Workspace admins can cancel your Attio subscription by navigating to Workspace settings and then Billing. At the bottom of the page, you will find the Cancel subscription option.

Once canceled, you will retain access to Attio until your current billing period expires. You can run a workspace export to download all your data before it expires.

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