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Export for reporting

Pulling insights from your collections is an important part of your workflow, here are a few tips on how to export your data to your reporting tool.

Exporting your data

You can export your collection data from any view. Only the entries and attribute data in your view will be included in your report.

  • If you'd only like a subset of your entries included in your export (for example, only entries in the Closed stage of the pipeline), filter your view accordingly
  • Display the attribute fields you'd like to report on
  • Export your view to CSV or Excel from the top right of the view
  • Upload your file to your reporting tool

Historical values

Sometimes you'll need to report on historical values. Depending on your use case, there are a few ways to pull historical values for reporting:

If you'd like to report on all entries that have been in a certain stage on your pipeline during a period of time, you can narrow down that list with filters.

  • Filter by the appropriate status attribute
  • Select was_before, was_after, or both for a date range
  • Select the stages you'd like included

If you'd like historical values for any other attribute, you'll need to pull a workspace export

  • Admins can pull workspace exports from Account Settings
  • Within the export, you'll find a folder called Collections
  • Within that folder, there will be two files per collection. One with all current attribute values, and another with all historical attribute values named collection-name_values
  • You'll also need the Attributes and Options files from the export. Both include IDs that you can map to the historical value file in Excel or in your reporting tool

We're working hard on building reporting features into Attio. If you have the time, we'd love if you took this quick survey on your reporting needs to help us as we roll out.

Did we miss something? Send us a message in the chat box to the right ✌️

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