• Finding the right sales moment for PLS

Finding the right sales moment for PLS

Alice Chen
on October 26, 2023
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As product-led growth (PLG) gains momentum in the SaaS landscape, more companies are adopting a hybrid model that merges product-led strategies with sales-assisted GTM tactics. Fundamentally, PLS emphasizes on having a self-sufficient product that enables users to assess its value, while offering human assistance when needed. But the challenge with this motion lies in the timing of your sales intervention. If initiated too soon, customers may not have had the time to recognize the products value; on the other hand, a delay in the process may pose risks in missing conversion opportunities. To guarantee you find the perfect timing, it is important to monitor your customers’ product usage and performance metrics, along with practicing efficient outreach.

The most effective way to get the right moment is with Automations. In the context of PLS, it isn’t merely a tool to reduce manual effort but rather an enabler of scale and efficiency. With this tool, you can remain attuned to user behaviors and make informed decisions that drive your business forward.

Make informed outreach decisions with data

By monitoring your customers' product usage, not only can you get insight into your ICP's needs but also, detect interest. This can help you make data-driven decisions to implement effective and timely outreach that can boost your conversion opportunities. With two of our Automations templates, these processes can be streamlined.

Track customers who have exceeded their free plan limit

Use the plan exceeded tracker template

This workflow focuses on identifying spikes in customer engagement. However, what’s different about this is a targeted approach to pinpoint conversion opportunities from elevated seat count.

This workflow keeps track of instances when customers on the free plan exceed their designated seat count. Such an increase can be seen as a sign of growing interest and reliance on your product, which can pave the way to potential upsells. Upon configuring your standard free plan seat count in this workflow, the automation will run whenever a customer’s seat number goes beyond that threshold. Subsequently, it will activate an automatic task for your primary CSM to engage the customer about a potential upgrade. By implementing this automation, you’ll not only streamline the upselling process but also ensure timely engagement, which can maximize your conversion opportunities.

Automatically add contact to MixMax

Use the create ‘add to MixMax’ button template

Optimizing your outreach efficiency requires a delicate balance between automation and manual intervention. While Automations can automate a significant portion of tasks, there will be times when you want a more hands-on approach, especially for specific deals that need a tailored touch. This template addresses this need by embedding an additional button within each Person profile, where you can manually direct the customer to your designated MixMax sequence. By doing so, you can experience the power of automated efficiency with a human touch, ensuring that every outreach is timely and relevant to the individual.

Monitor your performance

While understanding customer usage is important, tracking metrics that directly impact your revenue is equally crucial. It can allow you to understand whether your product fits the needs of your market and how you can effectively allocate resources.

Monitor your churn

Use the churn monitor template

While keeping track of customer interest is important, responding to churns is equally crucial. This metric can indicate the growth trajectory of your company and how well-received your product is.

The churn monitor workflow is a useful tool that detects all subscription cancellations. Without having to look through the records manually, you’ll get an accurate account of which customers have churned. But the automation doesn’t end here. Once a churn has been identified, the workflow will then automatically assign a person in your team to contact the customer.

Making sure a mechanism is in place to contact recently-churned customers can be beneficial for getting feedback and potentially reignite a relationship with them.

Calculate ARR projection

Use the ARR projection template

Tracking projected ARR is crucial for any SaaS business, as it provides insight into future revenue streams and enables better decision-making. With customers’ MRR constantly fluctuating, manually updating projected ARR can become cumbersome and error-prone, despite the calculation being straightforward. To address this, we’ve designed a workflow that updates your customers’ ARR in response to MRR shifts. Activated by a change in a customer’s MRR, a formula will then be applied (MRR x 12) to derive the ARR, which will then be automatically updated in your Workspaces. Leveraging this tool will ensure you operate with the most accurate real-time data, positioning you to make informed decisions, allocate resources effectively, and navigate your growth trajectories.

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