• Product-led sales
  • Create ‘Add to MixMax’ button

Create an ‘Add to MixMax’ button to speed up your outreach process.

Connect a chosen record to your MixMax sequence with an added command button.

Setup guide


With this template, you can experience streamlined workflow while maintaining control over your MixMax sequence list.


We have put together a list of prerequisites that are recommended for this workflow. This will be different depending on your usage, but you can use it for reference.

How to use this template

Once opened, you will see a series of connecting blocks.

  1. The Record Command block is what adds an extra button to each Person profile. This workflow will only be triggered if you press this newly-added button.

  2. The Add to Sequence block will then send the details of the Person to your designated MixMax sequence.

Workflows FAQ

  • If you’d like your workflow to access a specific list you’ll need to make sure the workflow has access, just like if it was a workspace user. You can do this in the List access permissions settings.

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