• Boosting sales productivity with Revenue Operations automation

Boosting sales productivity with Revenue Operations automation

Alice Chen
on October 16, 2023
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In the fast-paced SaaS world where every second counts, productivity is the key to success. It is especially crucial when you’re carrying out your GTM strategy because it directly impacts the velocity of customer acquisition and the overall growth of your startup. To boost efficiency, there needs to be an alignment between departments, as silos can be the silent killer from within. This is where Revenue Operations (RevOps) emerges as a game-changer because it utilizes operational tools to synchronize Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success teams. By breaking down barriers between departments, RevOps enables an effective process of decision-making and ultimately prompts revenue growth.

Supercharge your sales productivity with RevOps

To maximize growth, the most important thing is sales productivity, which is directly impacted by the processes and tools your RevOps team implements. By establishing systems that unify data, triage quality leads, offer insight, and promote effective communication, RevOps can drastically increase productivity, ultimately generating more revenue overall. To assist you in refining your RevOps approach, we’ve curated a selection of useful tools.

Automate your lead scoring process

Traditionally, you would have to manually sort through spreadsheets of names to figure out which leads to prioritize. This takes up an immense amount of time that could have been used on other tasks. To maximize your resources, it is important to automate what you can to make your life easier. With Automations, you can effortlessly score leads like no other.

We have designed a lead scoring template to help kick start your path towards productivity. This template detects for new leads by looking at their estimated ARR. If the data is above a certain amount, then these MQLs will be automatically added into a sales list where you keep all MQL leads. On top of this automated funnel system, you will also be constantly updated via Slack. By combining these elements within the workflow, you’ll no longer have to repetitively look through your records and instead, you can focus on putting together an effective strategy to acquire the automatically triaged MQLs.

Use the MQL scoring template

Be one step ahead

Effectively triaging sales after a deal is won is just as crucial as lead scoring. This process is essential for categorizing won deals and ensuring efficient resource allocation towards customer success. A robust success triage system would offer insight into a deal’s value and priority, setting the stage for your next steps. Collaboration among various tools can also further refine the process, removing redundant tasks.

With our AI-integrated sales triage Automations template, you can elevate your sales strategy. By seamlessly integrating AI, MixMax, and Slack, you can receive succinct deal summaries and actionable updates directly on Slack, which can then be linked with your MixMax sequences. This approach minimizes manual tasks and provides you with insights on deal values, guiding smarter decision-making towards the next steps of your success strategy.

Use the add closed deals to MixMax template

Another automation that is useful for triaging deals is our round-robin outreach reminder workflow, which focuses on boosting your outreach speed and efficacy. To ensure no high-quality deal is overlooked, this system randomly distributes outreach tasks to team members, preventing anyone from feeling overwhelmed.

Use the round-robin tasks outreach template

Get insight from data

While improving productivity within your sales process is undeniably important, taking the time to reflect on outcomes and data analytics is what aligns the Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success teams the most. This makes sure everyone is on the same page with what works and what doesn’t, which is especially valuable for the iterative process startups have to go through. One of the ways you can create coordination between teams is by providing accessible summaries for both won and lost deals, as learning from real examples can drive the direction of future decision-making.

This is where two of our AI-integrated workflow templates come in, as they can inform your team about the deals with AI-generated summaries. From lost to won deals, there’s always a lesson to be learned, especially around how people feel about using your product. Whether you are still identifying your PMF or your company has gone public (IPO), understanding the customer perspective should always be at the forefront of your goals. With these templates, you’ll constantly be kept in the loop for what works well and why customers churn without having to spend hours analyzing your data.

Use the won deal summary template

Use the lost deal summary template

Another way to drive sales productivity through reflection is with a comprehensive reporting system because sometimes words are just not enough. With real-time reporting embedded in Attio, you’ll be able to have all data points at your fingertips, all visually laid out and organized. In addition to the workflows you are going to run, these reports will help massively by bringing efficiency to goal-setting, performance insight tracking, and sales forecasting.

Automate. Iterate. Accelerate.

As SaaS is such a competitive landscape, optimizing for productivity isn’t just an option - it’s a necessity. Without it, staying ahead will become a steep, uphill battle. But by combining automation tools that help with lead scoring, sales triage, and data insights, you can extract the full potential of your RevOps team and propel your business towards exponential growth.

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