Automate your MQL scoring process.

Automate your MQL scoring process to enhance sales efficiency and prioritize effectively.

Setup guide


This template helps detect all Marketing Qualified Leads by referencing your customers’ estimated ARR. With this automation, you won’t have to worry about missing quality leads because you’ll constantly be notified of high-priority leads.


We have put together a list of prerequisites that are recommended for this workflow. This will be different depending on your usage, but you can use it for reference.

  • A Company object chosen that includes:

    • Estimated ARR currency attribute

  • A Sales list that includes:

    • Leads status attribute to keep track of your MQLs

  • Slack integration

How to use this template

Once opened, you will see a series of connecting blocks.

  1. The Attribute Updated block will be activated every time you update the status attribute of the records in your Company object. To make sure this is set up correctly, we will need to select the Company object and the attribute used to track an account’s Estimated ARR.

  2. The Filter block decides which company records get passed to the next block. It detects for a an increase in the record’s estimate ARR status and checks that the lead isn’t already in a list you use to track MQLs. You can add as many filters as you wish, but here’s an example set of filters that works:

    {Estimated ARR} [is not] “$0-1M” 
    {Estimated ARR} [not empty] 
    {Record > List Entries} [not contains] “Sales”
  3. The Add Record to List block is where you select a list for all filtered companies to be stored. These are customizable and you can pre-set items including the stage that these records will be placed in. For our workflow, we have directed these filtered customers to the Sales list and set our stage as Leads.

  4. The Post Message to Slack block sends a message about the estimated ARR change to your designated Slack channel. Here is an example message that you can input:

    New MQL Lead Source: {Created entry > Lead Source} 
    Company: {Record > Name} Record: {Record > Record URL} Domain: {Record > Domains}

Workflows FAQ

  • If you’d like your workflow to access a specific list you’ll need to make sure the workflow has access, just like if it was a workspace user. You can do this in the List access permissions settings.

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