Slack integration  

Connect a Slack workspace to Attio and receive automated notifications about changes to lists in Slack. You can use this to see in Slack each time a new record is added to a list, to see updates to attributes such as when a deal closes, or to see an audit log of changes made in a list.

Setting up your Slack integration

To set up the Slack integration in your Attio workspace, you must be an admin. First, click on your workspace name, select Workspace settings from the dropdown, then Integrations in the sidebar.

From this page, click Configure for the Slack integration.

The Integrations page of Workspace settings shows an option to Configure a Slack integration
Configure your Slack integration from the Integrations page of Workspace settings

Click + Add Workspace and choose the Slack workspace you’d like to use with Attio. Click the drop down in the upper-right to navigate between Slack workspaces. Click Allow.

Note: Attio’s Slack bot will only have access to and will be able to view basic information for any public or private channels it’s invited to. It can send messages to channels it is invited to, but it cannot read other messages in the channel.
Page showing that Attio is requesting access to a Slack workspace with a dropdown menu in the upper right showing the option to choose a Slack workspace and listing the permissions Attio will be given
Select a Slack workspace to connect with Attio

Setting up Slack notifications

Once your Slack integration is set up, you can set up Slack notifications to send messages to a designated Slack channel. You can set up multiple notifications for multiple different lists if you’d like.

To set up a notification, first navigate to the list you want to receive notifications about. Next, click the ⋮ icon in the top right corner of your list. Go to + Add integration and click Add Slack notification.

The dropdown that appears when the ⋮ icon is clicked in the top right corner of a list. It contains options to add an integration and then add a Slack notification.
Add a Slack notification for your list using the ⋮ icon

From the dropdown menu under Notify on, choose whether you want to receive a notification anytime an Entry is added or when Attribute values are updated:

  • The Entry is added notification will send a Slack message any time a record is added to the list. The notification will share the name of the list and a link to it, the name of the record that was added, any attribute values it was added with, and who added it.
  • The Attribute values are updated notification will send a Slack message any time any attribute is updated in the list. The notification will include the name of the list and a link to it, the name of the record that was updated, the previous attribute value and what it was updated to, and who updated it.

Select a Slack workspace from those you’ve integrated, and select the Slack channel where you want to post the notifications. Then click Create notification.

Pop-up window for creating a Slack notification showing options for which notification to send, and which Slack workspace and channel to send to
Choose the notification, Slack workspace, and channel

Once the setup is complete, the Attio Slack bot will automatically post updates in the Slack channel you have set up.

A #deal-flow Slack channel feed showing notifications posted by the Attio bot about attribute updates
See Attio automatically post updates about your list to Slack

Deleting Slack notifications

To delete a Slack notification that has been set up in Attio, open the list and click the icon in the top right corner. Go to + Add integration, then View active integrations.

Click the trash icon to the right of a notification to delete it.

List settings page showing a Slack notification that was set up with a trash can icon
Delete a Slack notification from List settings

Disconnecting a Slack integration

An admin can disconnect a Slack integration by clicking your workspace name and selecting Workspace settings from the dropdown, then selecting Integrations in the sidebar.

Click Configure for the Slack integration, then click the Slack workspace you want to disconnect, and select Disconnect Workspace.

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