Contact closed-won deals using round-robin tasks.

Efficiently reach out to your closed-won deals by using round-robin tasks.

Setup guide


This template allows you to create a task allocator that makes sure you’re on top of your outreach game. By using round-robin tasks, work is distributed evenly among your team, ensuring no one is overwhelmed and every deal is contacted promptly.


We have put together a list of prerequisites that are recommended for this workflow. This will be different depending on your usage, but you can use it for reference.

  • A Deals object that includes:

    • Won status attribute for your won deals

How to use this template

Once opened, you will see a series of connecting blocks.

  1. The Attribute Updated block is the first step to this workflow. This block will be activated every time you update the status attribute of your deals in your Deals object. To make sure this workflow runs properly, we will need to select the Deals object and the Deal Stage attribute used to track a deal’s progress.

  2. The Filter block decides which deals get passed to the next block. This is where you set the criteria of what counts as a won deal. In this instance, our only requirement is for the deal attribute be moved to Won, so only the qualified deals will trigger the next block. However, you can add more filters if you need to.

  3. The Adjust Time block allows you to offset the recorded cancellation date by one day. This will give the assignee a good amount of time to reach out. In this block, you can input any number (e.g. 1 day) that you see fit. Both the numbers and the unit can be changed.

  4. The Round Robin block is where you select a few people in your organization to enter into a round-robin task allocation system. This is to ensure a balanced task assignment.

  5. The Create Task block automatically assigns a task to the person chosen by the round-robin task allocation. You can set it up by giving a task description, due date, and a linked-record. Here is an example series of input:

    Task: Contact customer about the product 
    Due: {Adjusted Timestamp} Linked Records: Entry > {Parent Record} 
    Assignees: {Picked User}

Workflows FAQ

  • If you’d like your workflow to access a specific list you’ll need to make sure the workflow has access, just like if it was a workspace user. You can do this in the List access permissions settings.

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