Activity and notifications 

Activity menu

You can find the Activity menu at the top of your sidebar. The menu is split into Notifications and Requests.


Here you'll find different types of in-app alerts such as:

  • @mentions in notes, comments, or tasks (click on the notification for details)
  • Responses to your requests for email access (click Accepted requests to open the email in question)

Click Reply on comment notifications to respond directly.


Here you'll find requests from members of your workspace asking for access to certain emails.

  • Quickly respond to requests by clicking Accept or Deny
  • Click on the request notification to bring up the email in question and view it
  • Manage access to the email in the top right of the window

Notification settings

Set which notifications you'd like to receive and how you'd like to receive them. Attio notifications are sent by email as well as appearing in your sidebar.

  • Click your workspace name in the top left of your workspace and open your Personal Settings
  • Head to Notifications
  • Set your notification preferences using the dropdowns
  • You can also set your notification choices for the Attio mobile app
  • Manage mobile alert styles (banners, dots, sounds, etc) in your iOS settings or Android settings
The window for managing notifications in the Attio web app and the mobile app for iOS and Android. Various dropdowns and toggles are shown for fine-tuning alerts such as mentions, email grants, and task assignments.
Manage your notification preferences for the desktop and mobile app in Personal Settings

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