Intro to our Zapier app 

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a tool for building automations and connections between your favorite apps by moving data between them automatically. You can use Zapier to connect Attio to heaps of other tools your team are using such as Slack, Airtable and Facebook Lead Ads.

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What is a Zap?

Zaps are automation workflows in Zapier. They're made up of customizable commands that fundamentally say "When this happens, do that." So when one event happens in one app, Zapier tells another app to do something else. You can use pre-made template Zaps or build your own from scratch.

Triggers and actions

Every Zap has a trigger that kicks everything off, as well as one or more actions (what your Zap actually does for you). For example, you might build a Zap that automatically sends a message to your team on Slack when a new meeting is scheduled in Google Calendar. In Zapier, that Zap would look something like this:

A visual representation of a simple automation or Zap in Zapier. One box shows the trigger - a new event or update to an event in Google calendar. The box to the right is the action caused by the trigger; a customized message is sent to a Slack channel.
A simple Zapier automation - when this happens in one app, automatically do this in another app

You can use the Attio app in Zapier to automate things like creating new records from Airtable forms, or sending Facebook Lead Ads data to your sales pipeline.

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Mapping fields

When building Zaps, you'll need to get data from one app into another. This is called field mapping. Fields are like containers for your app information, and they usually hold data from a prior step in your Zap. For instance, your Zap might trigger when someone schedules a meeting with you in your calendar app. To then send that person's info to Attio, you need to tell Zapier what data to fetch, and where to send it.

In the example below, we've input fields using data (name and email) from step 1 in the Zap.

A Zap is being configured in Zapier, with fields being mapped to prior steps in the process. In this example, names and email addresses are being pulled from a Google Form to use elsewhere.
Mapping fields in Zapier using data pulled from a prior step

Ordering your steps

A Zap is a lot like a flow chart, so it's important to get your steps in the right order when setting up your Zap. You may not be using all of the actions listed below, but using this order as a rough guide will ensure you don't accidentally skip a step, or get your process jumbled up.

  1. Find or create person / Find or create company
  2. Link Person and Company
  3. Find or Create Entry
  4. Update Entry Attribute

It's worth remembering that an entry is a reference to a record in a list, so you'll always need to first find/create a person/company before you can create a new entry.

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Splitting names

If your trigger app collects people's names using just one field (such as 'full name'), you'll need an extra step in your Zap before Find or create person.

Here’s how to use Zapier’s Formatter tool to split name values into first name and last name.

Once you’ve created your trigger, click the + icon to add another step and pick Format from the options on the right in the Action box.

Next, choose Text from the Action Event dropdown. Select Continue. For the Transform field, search for Split Text from the dropdown. From the Input dropdown, pick 1. Full Name. You can leave the Separator field blank. For Segment Index, pick First.

After you’ve tested it, add another Format action with the + icon. Repeat the process again, but for the final step choose Last for Segment Index. If you get stuck, check out Zapier’s guide to using Formatter.

More resources

There are lots of helpful guides in Zapier's help center, but here are some of the most useful ones to refer to when using our Zapier app:

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