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  • Seat count watcher

Monitor your workspaces seat counts to track product performance.

Get Slack updates on your workspace seat changes to gain insight about how users engage with your product.

Setup guide


This template allows you to keep track of your workspace seat count in real-time. Sit back and let this workflow do the calculations for you.


We have put together a list of prerequisites that are recommended for this workflow. This will be different depending on your usage, but you can use it for reference.

  • A Workspaces object chosen that includes:

    • Billed Seat Count number attribute

  • Slack integration

How to use this template

Once opened, you will see a series of connecting blocks.

  1. The Attribute Updated block is where you select your Workspaces standard object and the attribute you use to track the records’ seat count.

  2. The Formula block is where you give a mathematical formula for the workflow to calculate the seat count increase. This would be {New Value} - {Previous Value}.

  3. The Filter block decides which workspace records get passed to the next block. It detects for a change in a record’s seat count. Only the workspaces with a change in their seat count will trigger the next block. We have put a condition of “{Result} [is not] 0.”

  4. The If/Else block will branch your workflow into two, based on whether your attribute fulfills the filters set in this block. This filters for accounts with a seat number increase. To set this up correctly, we have put the condition as “{Result} [greater than] 0”.

5.1. If the filter was true

i.) The workflow will branch off to a Post Message to Slack Channel block, where you can notify your team about the seat increase. An example message input would be:

{Record}'s seat count has been increased by {Result}.

You may adjust this to your own use.

5.2. If the filter was false

i.) This indicates that the account’s seat count has dropped. Since the resulting number being funneled to this step is negative, we have implemented a Formula to make sure the next step gets displayed correctly.

ii.) The Post Message to Slack Channel block is where you notify your team about the seat decrease. An example message input would be:

{Record}'s seat count has been decreased by {Result}.

You may adjust this to your own use.

Workflows FAQ

  • If you’d like your workflow to access a specific list you’ll need to make sure the workflow has access, just like if it was a workspace user. You can do this in the List access permissions settings.

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