Generating an API key 

How to generate an API key

In order to generate an API key for your workspace, you must be an admin. If you're not an admin for your workspace, you can ask an admin to complete the following steps:

  • From the dropdown beside your workspace name, click Workspace settings
  • Click the Developers tab
  • Click Create a new integration
  • Give your integration a name, plus an optional description and avatar
The Developers tab is shown where new integrations can be created and managed
Create a new integration in the Developers tab in Workspace settings

Once you've created a new integration, click the Access tokens dropdown to manage your access tokens. You can copy existing tokens to your clipboard, or add new ones. 

A dropdown shows where you can copy your tokens to your clipboard
Use the dropdowns to copy access tokens to your clipboard and make changes

Fine-tune the settings for your integration using the Scopes, OAuth, and Webhooks dropdowns.

To make changes to your integrations or delete them, you can always return to the Developers tab in Workspace settings. Learn more about using Attio's API.

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