• Monitoring product-led growth metrics that matter

Monitoring product-led growth metrics that matter

Alice Chen
on October 23, 2023
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In the past few years, product-led growth (PLG) has been put at the forefront of SaaS businesses. At its core, PLG is all about your product - it is the center of all customer acquisition and plays a huge part in expanding your business. To succeed with a PLG motion, not only do you need a stellar product, but you must also have a full understanding of your customers’ product usage and a system that detects possible leads. As simple as it sounds, it isn’t easy.

To understand your customers’ product usage, it is essential to implement processes to track and analyze data effectively. Especially performance metrics, as they can measure the trajectory of your growth.

This is where Attio comes in.

Unlike traditional sales-led CRMs, Attio is natively built for PLG motions. You can easily model your product’s users with our object data model, sync your product data with Segment, and automate your processes with Automations in just a few clicks. You don’t have to be tech-savvy - our features can intuitively help you build what you need to be able to track metric changes for your PLG motion.

Metrics that matter

PLG is all about spotting the signals: when customers will buy and when they might walk away. While we know the specifics of what you measure depends on the product you sell, we want to introduce three crucial metrics that can change your GTM game: seat count, churn, and MRR. All of these can be efficiently tracked by using Automations.

Seat count

Use the seat count watcher template

This metric refers to the number of billed seats within a workspace. It is an important metric to pay attention to, especially if you’re a SaaS startup because it can indicate how much your customers use your product and how much you make. It can also reflect insights about your product’s value and customer satisfaction. This number becomes increasingly essential when a trend can be observed. For example, a noticeable seat count increase could suggest product-market fit and, also, an elevated expansion potential.

We’ve created a seat count watcher template to help you filter out quality leads and identify impending churn. Not only does this workflow calculate seat count changes, but it also automatically sends the results as a Slack message to your designated channel.


Use the churn monitor template

One of the most important metrics, churn, is the rate at which customers cancel their subscriptions. It is a huge indicator of your product performance, as people leaving often means the product doesn’t meet their needs.

When a customer has churned, it is then crucial to take action to either understand the reason behind their churn or attempt to rekindle a relationship with them. Within Attio Automations, we have a template that is specifically dedicated for this purpose. Once applied, this automation will detect every single subscription cancellation and create a task for you to contact recently-churned customers. This workflow can be the tool you need to gain insight towards building product-market fit.

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

Use the MRR watcher template

Tracking monthly recurring revenue (MRR) is a fundamental aspect of understanding how your SaaS business is performing. This metric refers to the total amount of revenue a company can expect to receive from a customer each month. Making sure you’re constantly updated of an MRR change is essential because it directly impacts your business’s financial forecast, plan, and cash flow, ultimately affecting your GTM decisions.

With Automations, tracking your MRR changes becomes effortless. We have designed a template that makes this process way easier so you can stay constantly in the loop. Based on the changes in your customer MRR, this workflow will send out updates to your designated Slack channels.

Do PLG the Attio Way

As the SaaS landscape evolves, PLG is reshaping the future of GTM. While having a top-tier product is a given, what will truly set your business apart is the measures you take to understand your ICP better than anyone else.

With our Automations templates, you’ll no longer have to manually monitor your metrics. Instead, all of that time is saved for the better. At Attio, we are strong believers in building the right tools to support your PLG journey.

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