Latest Product Updates

A rundown of the latest Attio feature releases, product enhancements, design updates, and important bug fixes.

May 2020

Onboarding flow

Nicolas Sharp
CEO & Founder

Our new onboarding flow is now live!

We've been building on customer feedback and improved the way we get new users into Attio.

Amongst many improvements, we've polished our animations, added dark mode, and given everyone the option to invite their teammates in with them.

Onboarding is now quicker, easier to use, and ready for your team!

May 2020

Smart BCC

Felix Robles

View your emails inside Attio, even if you can't connect your inbox.

Smart BCC gives your team a unique email address to send any email to. Forwarded emails will be synced to your Workspace, sorted to the correct Record, and be added into your communication analytics. Plus, any sharing permissions you've set up for that Record will work as normal.

To start getting your emails into your Workspace forward them to:

May 2020


Ned Howley

We've added inline comments to all Tables. Open an Entry's comments by clicking its speech bubble, then just start typing.

The chat supports font formatting, emojis, and @mentions. You can even tag other users to send a notification. Plus it's all real-time.

April 2020

Passwordless sign in

Nicolas Sharp
CEO & Founder

You can now sign in to Attio without a permanent password.

Here's how it works:

  1. Enter your email on the log in page
  2. We'll send an email with a magic link and temporary password
  3. You have 60 minutes to click the link or enter your temporary password

We've designed the system to be as easy as possible. Your temporary password will always easy to read and even if you signed up through a service like Google, you'll still able to use passwordless sign in.