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  • Customer renewal date autofill

Autofill a customer renewal date if it is empty.

Fill in customer renewal dates without fault to keep your Customer Success List up to date.

Setup guide


This template autofills your customer renewal dates efficiently when triggered. Using this workflow will help streamline your Customer Success operation and minimize any chance of oversight.


We have put together a list of prerequisites that are recommended for this workflow. This will be different depending on your usage, but you can use it for reference.

  • A Customer Success processes list that includes:

    • Renewal Date date attribute

How to use this template

Once opened, you will see a series of connecting blocks.

  1. The Record Added to List block is the first step to this workflow. It gets triggered every time you create an entry in your Customer Success list. To make sure this workflow retrieves the correct data and runs properly, we will need to select the list for Customer Success.

  2. The Delay block allows you to assign an amount of time for your Primary CSM to take action and update the renewal dates. In our example, we have inputed five minutes, but feel free to adjust it.

  3. The Filter block needs to be updated to check if your Renewal Date attribute is filled. This filter will then refer back to your record entry. If the date is filled out within the given time, this workflow will end here. However, if it is not set, this workflow will continue.

  4. The Adjust Time block gets activated if the filter block detects an empty Renewal Date field. To make sure the date is autofilled correctly, this is where you set the default contract length for your customers. It is customizable, but we have set it to a year.

  5. The Update List Entry block is where the Renewal Date gets filled. To ensure this workflow works, we will need to select the same Customer Success list as we did in the first step and use the {Adjusted Timestamp} for the Renewal Date attribute.

Workflows FAQ

  • If you’d like your workflow to access a specific list you’ll need to make sure the workflow has access, just like if it was a workspace user. You can do this in the List access permissions settings.

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