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venture capital.

Attio鈥檚 CRM lets you spot new opportunities, build next-level workflows and move faster to close critical deals.

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Holy shit @attio is beautiful 馃槏 I've run my CRM on Notion to date. Hubspot & Salesforce too clunky. Sleek and simple, just what I need

1:03 PM 路 Mar 3, 2023

Sebastiaan Debrouwere

Sebastiaan Debrouwere


We use @attio on a daily basis for several internal processes, and I cannot rave enough about them. Incredible flexibility and features combined with super intuitive UI

10:01 PM 路 Apr 7, 2022




I've been using @attio to track applicants, manage my deal pipeline and manage the associated notes/tasks. The use-cases are unlimited; it truly feels like the Notion of CRM.

10:17 PM 路 Jan 3, 2023

Jono Bacon

Jono Bacon


Let's be honest, most CRMs suck. Overcomplicated, expensive, and you have to bend to their will...not the other way around. I am a huge fan of @attio - their product is rock-solid, customer support is AAA, and it is *very* flexible and simple.

4:05 PM 路 Jan 9, 2023

Dimitry Gershenson

Dimitry Gershenson


We use our CRM @attio for sales, fundraising, and recruiting. It's awesome

1:32 PM 路 Jan 4, 2023

Relationship Intelligence

Move faster than the competition
with a CRM for VCs.

Attio鈥檚 real-time data and relationship intelligence give you what you need to land and expand the best investments.

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Attio's pipeline view is displayed as a Kanban board, a list of columns with cards representing companies visible in each column.

Pipeline Management

Easily build the perfect pipeline.

Craft custom workflows that keep your team agile enough to strike while the iron is hot, every time.

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A dropdown shows eight types of attributes, including Name, Email Address and Instagram, many of which are automatically enriched.

Real-time data for real-time relationships.

Attio鈥檚 real-time data sync means you鈥檒l always have the info you need, whenever you need it.

Attio's Pipeline view showing cards representing companies, which include information like the valuation, the fundraising round and the time last contacted. Cards are displayed in columns labelled Screening and Due Diligence.

Custom data tracking.

No deal flow portfolio is alike. Track the data that matters the most to your team.

A card with a user's name on it is dragged from the Prospect column of an Attio workspace.

Tweak to your heart's content.

Intuitive building blocks make it easy to customize every aspect of your pipeline.

And that's not all...

Advanced permission control

Be as specific as you need with your contact permissions.

True multiplayer collaboration

Keep your entire team on the same page with real-time collaboration.

Fully secure, fully compliant.

Attio uses world-class security and is fully GDPR & ISO 27001 compliant.

Attio acts as a single source of truth and action for all of our investments. We use it for everything 鈥 from pipeline and deal flow management to recruiting, reporting and closing deals. It really does it all.

June Angelides MBE

June Angelides MBE


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