Your collaboration station.

Attio propels go-to-market teams towards new levels of productivity and lets you seamlessly perform your daily work.

Preview contacts

Quickly get an overview of contacts directly from the command palette.

Find connection strengths

Understand the strength of each and every connection at a glance.

See event information

Pre-populated info for each important event you have coming up.

Make every email relevant.

Use your business, customer and product data to craft emails that resonate with your prospects.

Personalized outreach at scale. Use attributes and enriched data to make emails that feel personal, even at scale.
Email templates. Streamline outreach for your entire team with custom templates built for any situation.
Automate with AI. Draft targeted messages automatically thanks to Attio’s AI-enhanced workflows.
Rich text formatting

Create emails as elegant as they are effective with painless formatting.

Add attachments

Attach files to emails directly within Attio with just a single click.

Easily shared

Share entire email threads with your team, with just a link.

Same team. Same page.

Attio’s next-level notes allow you and your teammates to collaborate in real-time.

Streamline everything from sales calls to customer check-ins and more with custom templates.

Collaborate with comments.

Attio’s powerful commenting features make it easy for your team to stay aligned across sales, customer success, and more.

Add comments anywhere. Make sure your teammates always have the right context for any workflow they’re collaborating on.
Thread commenting. Have better discussions by creating intuitive threads around single comments.
Comment history. Understand the context of every workflow with a list of all comments at your fingertips.

And that's not all...

From task management and templates to file sharing and more, Attio’s got your entire team covered.

Permission controls

Adjust permissions and control how teammates interact with your Lists and emails.

File sharing

Share the most important customer documents so that your team is always on the same page.

Real-time notes

Stop dreading the note-taking process with effortless, real-time collaboration with your teammates.

Task management

Attio’s natural language task manager ensures your team will work as one single, coordinated unit.

APIs and webhooks

Get creative by integrating the APIs and webhooks you need to enhance your work.

Developer docs
LinkedIn extension

Import people and company records from LinkedIn and the web with just one click.


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