• Attio raises $23.5m Series A Round

Attio raises $23.5m Series A Round

Nicolas Sharp
on March 01, 2023
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Attio is on a mission to reinvent CRM for the modern era. Our focus is on building a CRM that is not only beautiful and intuitive, but also powerful, flexible, and easy to use. We're combining the power of advanced data architecture with the magical user experiences of no-code software.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce today that we’ve raised $23.5 million in Series A funding from our new partner Redpoint Ventures, with participation from our existing investors Balderton Capital and Point Nine.

We’re also happy to announce that after three years of intense focus and dedication, we are now officially generally available!

The state of CRM today

Nearly every business depends on CRM, but the current options are in need of reinvention. Legacy CRMs offer powerful data models but are slow to deploy and complex to configure. Customizing them to your liking can take hundreds of hours, tens of thousands of dollars in consultants, and years to fully implement. While they can be incredibly powerful, the user experience is often lacking, making it difficult for companies to fully leverage their capabilities today.

On the other end of the spectrum, challenger CRMs (newer entrants to the market) offer a much better user experience, but they have less power and flexibility. They have simpler, more rigid data models, meaning they take more of a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Building a new model for CRM

Attio solves these two major pain points. We combine the power and flexibility of an advanced CRM data model with the beautiful design and multiplayer collaboration capabilities of no-code software.

Building a CRM that works for any and all industries is a monumental undertaking. We’ve been working intensely on building the key features that form the foundation of CRM. However, we’re not taking just a checkbox approach. Instead, we’re taking every aspect of CRM, piece by piece, and making it an incredible experience. We are deeply thinking through tech and customer needs. Everything — from the onboarding experience to lists, emails, and even our brand-new reporting features — has been made to be as world-class and frictionless as possible.

For example: typically, onboarding a CRM requires a significant time investment to set it up properly. Your contacts and their information must be entered manually and continuously updated.

Early on, we designed Attio to ingest and sync with one of our most powerful data sets: our emails and calendars. As a result, you can set up your CRM in minutes instead of months. For the first time in a CRM, you can immediately see a list of all your relationships, whether tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions of contacts, and sort through them quickly, in milliseconds. 

From there, we added novel features like automatic detailed profilescommunications intelligence, and data enrichment all built in. 

Just as important, we’ve built a super flexible data architecture that can accommodate a wide array of go-to-market strategies and use cases. As we continue to grow, this range will get even bigger. We’re building Attio to be the foundation upon which your business is built — a living, breathing platform that evolves with your company as it grows.

We’ve also developed a dynamic reporting engine on top of our data layer, which enables our users to quickly slice, manipulate and visualize millions of customer records every which way. The data is available in real-time, so there’s no need to wait.

Attio is a tool that works for any industry because we provide you with everything you need to make it truly your own. Over the past three years, we’ve worked hard to build a powerful set of initial features that we believe works really well for any business.

Fast-moving startups find a lot of value in Attio because it is a quick and flexible tool for managing customer relationships that requires minimal setup time, can scale, and grow with little maintenance. We’ve also ensured that Attio’s high-speed UI is beautiful and modern, with powerful keyboard shortcuts and a command palette. 

What's coming ahead

This $23.5 million Series A funding round brings our total funding to $31.2 million. We’re using the funds to:

  • Build out our data layer. Our data layer, called Particle, allows us to provide new and innovative features and capabilities in CRM. With Particle, users can already filter, sort, and build workflows on millions of customer records in milliseconds. We plan on expanding our data layer to enable customers to create even more complex and unique processes tailored to their specific business needs.

  • Expand product development. Building upon the integrations that Attio already offers, we will expand our ability to help customers automate their workflows. This will include features powered by AI.

  • Build our integration ecosystem. Attio is designed to be an important part of the modern technology stack. We’ll expand our relationships with other top SaaS tools so our customers can connect with their stack and have a single view of all their customer relationships.

  • Expand our go-to-market activities. We’ll be expanding our market around the globe and growing the Attio team in the United States and Europe.

Backed by the best in the industry

Bringing CRM to the next level is a daunting task because incremental improvements won’t suffice. It requires a complete overhaul and reinvention. That is exactly what we’re doing at Attio, and we can’t do it alone. 

We’re thrilled to have Alex Bard from Redpoint Ventures lead our round and join our board of directors, alongside Daniel Waterhouse (Balderton Capital) and Ricardo Sequerra (Point Nine). 

We’re excited to partner with Redpoint because they share our ambition, vision, and passion to rebuild CRM from the ground up and modernize the entire market. 

They have invested in some of tech’s most innovative companies, such as Snowflake and Stripe, and CRMs like RelateIQ and Kustomer, both of which broke the mold for the category. 

Having Alex invest in us, given his stellar entrepreneurial track record and history at Salesforce, feels like a supreme vote of confidence in our vision. 

Redpoint joins existing investors Balderton Capital, Point Nine, and Headline Capital, as well as individual investors Vinay Hiremath (CTO and co-founder, Loom), Shahid Khan (co-founder, Loom), Mathilde Collin (CEO and co-founder, Front), Paul Forster (co-founder, Indeed), Taimur Abdaal (co-founder and CEO, Causal), Varadh Jain (co-founder, Polymail) and Piotr Pisarz (co-founder, Uncapped).  

Join our team

It’s been a long journey, and we’re just getting started. Alex and I began working in a cafe, but our team has grown now to 20+ people across North America and Europe, and we are going strong. If you’d like to join us on our mission to revolutionize the world’s most entrenched software category, please check our careers page or reach out to us directly. 

Ready to build your team's dream CRM?