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Forget about manually creating contacts, start building your ideal workflows, and always stay up to date with your team.
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01 - Flexibility

Your everything workspace.

Attio gives your team the perfect tools to build their ideal kanban pipelines, contact tables, monthly reports, and more.

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Updating a press outreach pipeline contact in Attio.A recruitment management table in Attio.
A press outreach pipeline full of journalists in Attio.A list of potential new hires in Attio.A monthly reports dashboard in Attio.
02 - Intelligence

Where everything’s smart.

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Your contact list is always up-to-date.

Attio takes your team's email and calendar data and create contacts from it, ensuring that there are never duplicates and it’s always updated.

Quickly get a complete view of your contacts’ histories.

Continually updated

Attio’s data is real-time and always correct.

Keep context forever

All of your team’s activity is continually synced and stored.

Create connections with thousands of tools.

With unlimited possibilities, you can create an endless number of integrations and flows with your favorite tools.
Build your ideal CRM with Attio.
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