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Migrate from Airtable to Attio

Attio’s powerful import tools make it easy to make the switch from Airtable. Here’s how to migrate your Airtable table data into an Attio collection in 3 simple steps.

1. Export your Airtable data

The simplest way to move your Airtable data over to Attio is with a CSV (comma-separated values) file. Head to your view in Airtable and click the name of your view. From the dropdown, choose Download CSV. This process will be the same for a grid, kanban, or gallery view.

2. Import your CSV into Attio

The next step is to bring your Airtable contacts into Attio. Head to your Attio collection and choose Import / Export in the top right corner. Select either Import people or Import companies. When prompted, choose your .csv file from your computer or drag and drop it onto the import window. Learn more about importing data into Attio.

If you have people and companies in one CSV, you'll need separate these values and import them as two separate CSVs.

Once imported, Attio will create contacts (people or companies) in your workspace, as well as entries (references to those contacts) in your collection. You can have multiple entries for a single contact in a collection, as well as across different collections.

3. Match your attributes

You’ll most likely have multiple attributes attached to your Airtable contacts like email address, sales stage, contract value, etc. To map them over, select corresponding attributes for each column if prompted - Attio will automatically detect and match most attribute types. You can create new custom attributes using the + icon in the dropdown. You can also choose not to import certain columns if you no longer need them.

Attio automatically populates your contacts with communication intelligence, allowing you to track info like 'last contacted' and 'strongest connection'. Contacts are also enriched with data points like social media handles, location, industry type, and estimated ARR. Learn more about enriched data.

Continue to Review values (resolving any issues if prompted) and Start your import.

That’s it! You’ll now start to see your collection populate in real-time with your new entries and their attribute values. Once imported, you can search for your contacts from anywhere in your workspace, see their newly enriched data, add notes, and add them to different collections. Learn more about building and customizing your Attio collections.

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