Send Typeform contacts to Attio

Typeform is a popular platform for building online forms and surveys. This Zapier automation will send new Typeform submissions to your Attio collection.

Prep: Connect Typeform to Zapier

You’ll first need to connect your Typeform account to Zapier - follow this short guide to get started.

Prep: Connect Attio to Zapier

Follow our short guide on connecting Attio and Zapier, making sure you've set up your API key with both read and write permissions.

1. Create and test your Typeform

From your Typeform dashboard, click Create Typeform. Build your form either from scratch or using a template. For this example, we'll be using Typeform's Lead Capture form template.

Publish your form using the Publish button in the top right. Grab your form’s URL with Copy to view and share it.

Create a custom form in Typeform

Brand new forms that have yet to receive a response will need a test response submitting. You can do this using mock data or your own details. Read more about test data.

If your form collects first and surnames as one field (e.g. ‘Full name’) you’ll need extra steps in your Zap to split them. Follow our short guide to splitting names.

2. Build your trigger in Zapier

From your Zapier dashboard, click Create Zap in the top left. Search for Typeform from the App Event window, and from the Trigger Event dropdown pick New Entry. Choose your Typeform account and Form when prompted. Continue to test your trigger.

3. Find or create a person in Attio

Next, we’ll tell Zapier to send new Typeform form submissions to your Attio workspace. Add a new action step with the + icon, and pick Attio from the App Event dropdown. For Action Event choose Find or Create a Person. Select your Attio account. Mapping the fields using the data from step 2, set your action up like this:

Locate an existing person or create a new one in your Attio workspace

4. Create a new entry

Add another action step to your Zap and pick Attio from the dropdown. Choose Find or Create Entry from the Action Event dropdown, and select your Attio account when prompted.

For the Record ID field, you’ll need to map data from the Find or Create a Person step in your Zap. Choose Find or Create Person from the Record ID dropdown, followed by Show all options. Scroll down to find ID. Your action should look like this:

Create a new entry in your Attio collection using values from previous steps

Turn on your Zap and that’s it! Now every time a response is submitted using your Typeform, Zapier will add a new entry to your Attio collection. Check out more ways to connect Attio to the apps you love.