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Attio glossary 

New to Attio? Here are some of the terms we use when we talk about the platform.


A collection is a home for a specific workflow or project. It contains entries that might be a list of sales leads, or maybe candidates for your hiring process.

Within a collection you can build and assign attributes to your entries. Switching view type lets you see the same collection data in multiple, configurable ways. When you first create a new collection, you can browse our ready-made templates for some inspiration. Learn more about collections.


A record in Attio is a person or company. Records can be synced from your email account or added manually by you and your team. Each record has a profile page where things like email threads, files, and notes are stored and tracked. Attio also automatically populates your record profiles with carefully sourced data. Learn more about records.


An entry is an item in a collection that references a record. The entries in a sales pipeline for example might be a list of your new leads. Entries can be given attributes such as a sales stage, location, or contract renewal date.

You can have multiple entries for one record within a collection, as well as across your different collections. Learn more about entries.


A kanban board is a super visual way to display your workflow. Stages of your workflow are split into columns (like 'To-do', 'Doing', and 'Done'), and individual entries move from one stage to the next as things progress. The kanban view is one of several view types you can choose for your collections in Attio. Learn more about kanban views.


Attributes are data points added to your records in Attio. An example attribute might be a record's location, where they work, or how often they reply to your emails. You can set the format or ‘attribute type’ to a star rating, a currency, a checkbox, and more. Attio also automatically enriches your records with powerful data points you didn't already have. Learn more about attributes.

Parent records

Collections in Attio can either be populated with companies or people - not a mix of both. This is what we call a collection's parent record. Admins can convert a pre-existing People collection to a Companies one and vice versa (via Collection Settings), but it's not something we recommend as it can cause unexpected results.

Quick actions

Summon our powerful quick action menu with cmd/ctrl + k and quickly perform pretty much any action in Attio you can think of. Create a new task, add a record, compose an email- all without digging around in menus. Learn more about quick actions.

Dashboard views

Accessible from the view dropdown, dashboard views allow you to visualize your Attio collection data and create customizable reports in a chart style. Learn more about dashboard views.

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