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Default attribute values 

Adding a default attribute is a lot like creating a kind of 'rule' for new records in your list. Your default value will be assigned to all records you add automatically, saving you from doing it manually. You need to be an admin to set default attributes.

  • Click the ⋮ icon in the top right of your list
  • Select Manage attributes
  • Click the icon beside your chosen attribute followed by Edit attribute
  • At the bottom of the window, use Default value to set your default value for all new records you add to your list
A dialogue box where a default attribute value has been set
Admins can set the default value for chosen attributes

Some types of fields (user and date) can have conditional values set such as Current user or 2 weeks from now.

A few common use cases of default values are:

  • Stage default to New in a pipeline
  • Owner field default to Current User
  • Onboarding date default to Today

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