Chat with us 

If you get stuck, encounter a bug, or think something's missing, get in touch with our support team.

How to get in touch

There are a few ways to get in touch:

  • To chat with our team, click Help and first steps in the bottom left of the web-app and choose Support chat
  • Email the team on [email protected]

Bug reports

Found a bug? Let us know via chat or email and we'll fix it. Please include as much of the following info as possible:

  • Which browser are you using?
  • If you are using our mobile app, what version of the app are you using?
  • Screenshots, GIFs, and videos are also super helpful for demonstrating bugs and errors

Note: Check out solutions to common issues with our Chrome extension and our Zapier app.

Couldn't find something?

Send us a message in the chat on the right ✌️

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