Troubleshooting our Zapier app 

Here are some solutions to common issues our users encounter when building automation workflows with our Zapier app.

API Key Provided not authorized

Problem: Testing a trigger or action with the Attio app returns an error saying 'The API Key provided is not authorized to perform the requested action'.

Solution: Update your API key Scopes. You will need to set Read-write Scopes for the Attio data you want to update with Zapier. Learn more about generating and configuring your API key.

Update Entry Attributes step is missing fields

Problem: When configuring an Update entry attributes action, fields such as what attribute to change and what to change it to appear to be missing.

Solution: These fields become visible once you have set values for Entry ID, List, Attributes list etc. New dropdowns appear dynamically as you go through and complete each section.

Remember that for almost all Attio Zaps, you’ll be mapping fields using data from prior steps in your Zap. If you find yourself manually typing values in, there’s a good chance your Zap won’t run as desired. Learn more about mapping fields.

The app returned 'Entry not found’

Problem: Zapier can't send entry attribute updates to Attio because an entry cannot be found

Solution: When mapping fields in an Update entry attributes step, users will sometimes pick an ID from either the wrong prior step (usually Find or create person/company), or manually type in an ID from elsewhere. To send an attribute update to Attio, the Entry ID must be taken from the Find or create entry step. Learn more about mapping fields.

Attio requires name data as two fields

Problem: Attio requires name data to be sent as two fields (first and last) to find or create a person. When using trigger apps like Calendly, Airtable and Facebook Lead Ads, name data tends to be collected using just one field.

Solution: Before sending your data to Attio, add a step and use Zapier’s Split Text Formatter to split name data into two fields. Learn more about splitting names.

No + icon to add more steps

Problem: Unable to add more steps to a Zap because the + icon is missing

Solution: The icon beneath the last step is sometimes obscured by a dark grey box that says Ready to publish your Zap? - you'll need to close it to reveal the icon.

 A dialogue box that reads 'Ready to publish your Zap?' is obscuring the icon required to add further steps to the automation. Closing this window reveals the plus icon.
Close the publish prompt with X if it's obscuring the + icon

Can’t see the issue you’re having here? Get more help with troubleshooting Zaps.

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