Bulk updating collections 

You can bulk update and add new attributes to your collection entries using our CSV import tool.

Getting entry IDs

Entry IDs are the unique identifiers for each entry in your collection. Including them in your import will ensure you are updating existing entries and not creating duplicates. If there's a mix of updates and new entries in your file, any lines without a matching entry ID will be created as new entries.

  • Entry IDs are automatically included in any CSV or Excel export of your collection, under the column titled Entry ID
  • Simply export a collection view with no filters applied to have a file of all your IDs
  • A record ID will also be included, but just incase you have a record with multiple entries, we suggest using the entry ID for precise matching

Mapping new data

If you're looking to bulk add new data to all or some of your entries, you'll want to start by combining it with your entry IDs in Excel.

  • Make sure the file with the new data you'd like to import includes an identifying cell that matches one in your view export, such as name
  • Using a vlookup function in Excel, you can match the names to the entry IDs in the view export
  • Once your entry IDs are matched in your file, you should save it as a CSV file ready for import
  • Import your data using our CSV importer, mapping entry ID as the identifier
  • You can also create new attributes and values directly from the import tool

Bulk updating existing data

If you'd like to bulk update existing collection data, simply do so from a view export.

  • Create a view that includes the entries and attributes you'd like to update, then export it to CSV
  • In the CSV file, update the necessary attribute data
  • Save the updated file, then reimport it into Attio using our CSV importer
  • Map entry IDs to the Entry ID field
  • Map all other attribute columns from your file to the existing attributes in Attio

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