Send new Notion database items to Attio 

Zapier lets you send data between Notion and Attio automatically, no code required. Follow this guide to build a Zap that automatically sends new Notion database items to your Attio list.

Prep: Link Notion and Zapier

For this Zap to work, you'll first need to link Notion and Zapier.

Remember to invite your newly created Zapier bot to share your Notion database. Missing out this step prevents Zapier from seeing your Notion data.

Prep: Link Attio and Zapier

You'll also need to link Attio and Zapier. Make sure you've set up your API key with read and write permissions to ensure everything runs smoothly. If you're new to building Zaps, check out the guide to using our Zapier app.

1. Create your trigger

Head to your Zapier dashboard and click the Create Zap button in the top left. Search Notion from the App Event dialogue box and New Database Item from the Trigger Event dropdown. Then select your Notion account from the dropdown.

From the Database dropdown, select the Notion database you'd like to connect to Attio. Continue to test your trigger.

2. Create a new record in Attio

Next, we'll turn your database item into a record in Attio. A record is a person or a company - for this example we’ll use a person.

Add another action step with the + icon and choose Attio from the App Event dropdown. Choose Find or Create Person and select your Attio account. In the Set up action step, you'll want to set it up something like this:

A close-up of an action step in Zapier where name and email address values have been pulled in from step 1 of the Zap
Locate an existing person or create a new one in your Attio workspace
To link a person and a company in Attio you’ll first need to add a Find or Create Company action, followed by a Link Person and Company action. Map the fields using data from prior steps. Learn more about mapping fields.

3. Add an entry to your list

The final step is to add an entry to your Attio list.

Add another action step with + and pick Attio from the dropdown. Choose Find or Create Entry from the Action Event dropdown, and pick your Attio account when prompted. Next, you'll want to set up your action like this:

Close-up of a Zap being configured to create a new entry in an Attio list called Sales Q4
Create a new entry in your Attio list using values from previous steps

And that’s it! Now every new database item in Notion will create a new person in Attio, and add them to your chosen list.

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